12 Effective Ways To Optimise Your Home for Maximum Energy Savings

October 22, 2020

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Household expenses are an unavoidable part of your cost of living. While you can’t completely eliminate them, you can lower them by making some changes around your house, regulating consumption and being an informed consumer. 

Are you struggling to make your paycheque last through the month? Take a look at some effective ways you can lower energy costs and thereby maximise savings. 

Dial Back Thermostat

Dial back your thermostat by a few degrees, especially when you’re sleeping or leaving the house. These few degrees will make a significant difference in your energy bills. A smart thermostat is a great investment that will make this task efficient and convenient for you.

Choose Suitable Energy Provider

Are your electricity bills high despite lowering your overall consumption? It’s possible that you may be subscribed to an energy provider charging you a high rate. You should shop around to find the best energy provider in your area, offering reasonably-priced residential plans. 

Install Solar Panels

Install solar panels instead of completely relying on an energy provider for your electricity requirements. There is an abundance of sunlight and it’s completely free. By utilising renewable energy, you can reduce your bills as well as carbon footprint. 

Get Energy-Efficient Lights

CFLs are better than incandescent lights, but they still consume a lot of electricity. Make your home as energy-efficient it can be by replacing such lighting fixtures with LEDs. They are highly durable and offer the best performance when it comes to energy saving.

Install Low-Flow Bathroom Fixtures

From a leaking tap to a high-pressure showerhead, you may be wasting water in more ways than you think. Install low-flow bathroom fixtures to conserve more water.

Seal Doors & Windows

Find the right curtains or blinds for your windows to prevent energy loss. It’s also a good idea to seal any gaps in your doors and windows and completely weatherproof them to minimise the need for heating or cooling.

Use Cold Water & Line Dry

Did you know that your washer consumes a lot of energy to heat up water? If possible, try to wash your clothes with cold water. It’s also a smart idea to line dry clothes whenever you can. 

Insulate Attic

Heat tends to build up in your attic and thereby increase the load on the HVAC system. By adequately insulating the walls and floors of your attic, you can considerably reduce overall energy costs. An insulated attic also prevents gradual damage to your home by minimising moisture and heat build-up.

Service HVAC Unit

Regularly cleaning out air filters and servicing your HVAC unit is necessary to ensure it’s working optimally all year round. Also, inspect and repair any leaks or gaps in the ductwork. 

Utilise Natural Light

As previously mentioned, sunlight is often underutilised. During the colder months, you should open up your windows to let sunlight naturally warm up your house. This will reduce your dependence on artificial heating and lower your electricity bills.

Keep Refrigerator Stocked

Did you know that a full refrigerator and freezer consumes less energy than an empty one? So try to keep your fridge relatively stocked. When you’re running low on groceries, use filled water bottles to keep the fridge full.

Unplug Phantom Devices

Phantom or vampire devices continue to consume energy despite being ‘switched-off’. Instead of completely running off, they go in a stand-by mode. To prevent such wasteful consumption, make sure you unplug phantom devices after use.

Final Words

Lowering your overall energy and water consumption is not only useful for reducing utility bills but is also beneficial for the environment. Make sure you’re doing your part to fight climate change!

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