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How to Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated

March 25, 2023


Love, as Philip Roth said, is the most challenging aspect of life. Finding the right person takes a heroic effort all by itself, but it’s not as if you can rest easy once you’ve found that special person. In fact, if anything, that’s when the real work begins

If there’s one thing that’s responsible for the end of relationships, it’s a lack of appreciation from one side of the relationship. The person you choose should be the person you treat the best out of anyone, yet sadly, that doesn’t always come across in actions. In this blog, we’re going to make sure that your partner always knows how much you value them by sharing some easy-to-follow tips.

Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated

How to Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated

Share the Love 

Your partner isn’t a mind reader. If you value them, then let them know! Everyone has their own way of communicating, but at the very least, you should have the tools to express your love for your other half. Don’t worry if this isn’t something that comes naturally to you — it’s a skill that you can learn! Everyone loves receiving compliments and words of appreciation, especially if they come from the person that knows us the best. 

Celebrate Their Birthday More Than Your Own

Even people who say they don’t like their birthday don’t really mean it. Everyone likes when the people they love make an effort. Of course, if your partner says that they don’t want a big party, then take their word for it. A surprise party won’t go down well. But that’s unlikely to be the case — most people like parties!

When their special day rolls around, look at going above and beyond to make it memorable. This can involve buying personalised birthday cards, baking cakes and treats, and taking them out for special dinners at the best restaurants in town. Like Valentine’s Day, their birthday is an opportunity to really showcase the love you hold for them. 

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Bring the Surprises

Of course, you can look beyond their birthday when it comes to doing something nice for your partner. In fact, you don’t really need any excuse. In the early days of a relationship, people are always buying their new partner small gifts and going to great lengths to make them happy. Once they’re settled in a relationship, these surprises tend to disappear. But who says that has to be the case? It doesn’t! A small treat, such as some flowers or a snack from their favourite bakery will always go down well. 

Improve Yourself

Finally, perhaps the most effective way to show your partner that you care about them is to improve yourself. Now, you might be thinking, how does that benefit your partner? It does so because A. it makes you a better person and thus a better partner, and B. it shows that you care enough about your relationship that you want it to work. Relationships die when one person gives up and checks out. By working on yourself, you’ll prevent that from happening.

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