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How to turn you mummy skills and maternal instincts into a job

February 23, 2017

Disclosure: This guest post is written by Mary Johnson

Being a mother was always a mystery, it never occurred to me, until I became one, what it really meant. A mother is someone who once the baby comes is given some sort of super powers, among which multitasking and practical and mental organisational skills, a patience that only Tibetan monk can recognise, a strength that only Hulk has, and a caring, sweet, affectionate, nurturing side that is limited to mothers only. These super powers are sometimes called maternal instincts. Once the child arrives at the household, everything becomes intense and overwhelming that is why we become this superwoman.

Mummy skills and maternal instincts 

Though using our powers for our children at home gives us a kind of joy that probably most of the people couldn’t even imagine, sometimes we might feel the urge to go back to work, or for some of us to begin a new career path. I found that there are many opportunities where we can use and develop our superwoman skills acquired as mothers, for example, nursing. Being a nurse entails being strong, having a warm heart, and have a steady patience: that they are able to use on an everyday basis with strangers, being a mother and having the same kind of expertise gained from taking care of your own kid/kids, makes the two roles similar to one another. Making the connection to why a mother would be a perfect fit for being a nurse almost obvious. Therefore, being a mother gives you already the advantage over most people.

So what skills would you be able to take with you on the job, once you consider becoming a nurse? What are employees looking for in a nurse-to-be? Here are some classic questions that will come up on any nursing interview that you will have to know beforehand, and that will give you more confidence once the moment “to show off”, actually comes. With regards to this, online msn nurse practitioner is a great option if you want to pursue a career in medical field. 

A woman sitting on a bed

How do you perform under pressure?

Being a nurse, pressure, stress, and everything that revolves around it is something you should be capable of dealing with. Owning the skill of multitasking and organisation acquired as a mother will give you the step ahead in any employee’s eyes. While at any situation you prove to keep up quite easily, as a mother you are used to mostly any other day, you will be able to emanate confidence and demonstrate a skill that for most of the people is very difficult to acquire.

As nurses are in constant contact with patients, and lead a fundamental role in the mental and physical health of the latter, being able to work with people and children will give you more resilience, as being a mother makes the human relations easier and it is fundamental to know how to talk to patients. Nurses, different from doctors, are usually those people who patients see as reachable, human, and to which to confide on once we are alone in a hospital bedroom, and we need someone to talk to. Relating to other people is hard, and mothers have an innate sensibility that allows them to approach any situation with calm, sensibility and understanding.

A part-time nursing option for mothers

Being a part-time nurse, and a mother at home means that providing an example of how you’ve handled a situation with an agitated patient just calls for one of the many family stories to tell. Other than being personal and exceptional, a part-time nursing option for mothers is extremely beneficial, both personally, and family wise. Nursing is not for everybody but is most definitely perfect for mothers that have acquired over the time skills that most cannot even imagine being able to gain.

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