Little fish, big pond

September 18, 2016

Roo has always loved the bath ever since she was a baby. As she has grown older she has loved the opportunity to go swimming which sadly hasn’t been very often. Whether it is with the school or when we are on holiday she always loves getting in the water.

We paid for a course of swimming lessons for her a couple of years ago but we didn’t find the sessions very helpful as there were so many children within the class. She’d only get to do a couple of widths of the pool each lesson so we decided not to book another term.Mr. Boo has been trying to take her swimming more often and with our relocation earlier this year we have far more resources available to us.

Mr. Boo has been trying to take her swimming more often and with our relocation earlier this year we have far more resources available to us.


Just before the school holidays, I enquired about lessons at a local pool for her and earlier week she had her first one. As Mr. Boo was at work I took her to her first lesson and it was strange to see her in the pool as it is Mr. Boo who usually takes her swimming. I watched as she got into the pool and took her first swim across the pool so that the teacher could assess her. I suddenly looked at her and it was a bit of a shock to see her looking so uncomfortable and vulnerable. You see Roo is so used to excelling at things and being the top dog, however, with swimming she wasn’t.

With just three others in her group, she was able to do far more in the 30-minute lesson than she’d done in previous lessons. Still, she was the one with the most to learn. I could see it and so could she. Suddenly realising that she was the little fish in a big pond and she wasn’t entirely comfortable with that fact.

I’m sure that as the weeks go by she will find her groove and that she will once again feel confident in her abilities.

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  • Emma T September 18, 2016 at 11:31 am

    Ah, hope she gets used to it. It’s hard for them to understand that people might have been swimming for longer so might be better. N’s class last year, there were 3 reception age and the other 3-4 were all a year old and the difference was staggering with the younger ones unable to swim without a float belt while the others by the end of the year could swim the whole lesson without. I think it was good for N having the older ones to try and chase, but also see others his age at the same stage.

    This year the older ones have all moved up, and now there’s new Year 1 age kids joining them. It’s annoying because they’re now having to wait for the new ones (some of whom who’ve hardly swum before) to catch up while they’re at the other side and tasks are taking longer to explain, but they’re all in float belts and similar size so it will be more of a challenge for N to be top dog and stay there along with his friend there.

    Hope she sticks with it, because it’s all about confidence in the pool in my view (and whether you’re a sinker or floater naturally. N is the latter unfortunately)

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