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Does my kid need a lightweight or heavy scooter?

July 3, 2020

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There are few things quite as good at developing motor skills and a sense of balance as riding a scooter. Combine this with the pure joy of movement and spending time in the fresh air, and you have a winning combination!

A high-quality scooter will last for several generations, and the investment will pay for itself 

Make the feet fit

A kick scooter that is wide enough to accommodate feet while standing side-by-side tends to be the more obviously comfortable choice, especially for kids who tend to ride for longer durations and longer distances.

Buying a scooter with a wide deck also creates the opportunity for the rider to change feet comfortably without upsetting the ride. 

For extra comfort in your kid’s scooter ride, make sure that the deck is of such a length that it can easily accommodate their shoe size. No matter their riding style, this will ensure that they are always comfortable on the scooter, no matter what.

Does my kid need a lightweight or heavy scooter?

It’s all about technique

Scooter riders whose riding style involves hopping from one leg to the other, significantly increase the wear and tear on their scooter deck due to repeat force. This technique tends to wear out the scooter more quickly and will warrant a replacement far sooner than expected. 

A weighty question

The weight of the scooter affects how the scooter will be ridden, and a sturdy, more durable deck will ensure that the scooter lasts long, even as the rider grows over the years.

On the other hand, kids often benefit from a lightweight scooter because it is easier to fold up and carry around with them. Of course, you always have the option of buying both durable and a lightweight scooter for your kid! 

Your future self will thank you for the lightweight one when your kid grows weary of their scooter in the middle of a long walk in the park, and you need to carry it back home!

Does my kid need a lightweight or heavy scooter?

Weight vs durability

Heavy scooters generally tend to be stronger as a rule, and the higher the weight capacity of the individual scooter, the heavier it tends to become. 

Although most kids will not bother with stunt scooters, it is interesting to note that these are because they need to be able to take the knocks of stunts, tricks, flips and more. By the time riders become pro or semi-pro, the scooters become lightweight again but will be super durable, thanks to high-tech materials like alloys.

Something that is often not considered in the process of finding the right scooter for kids is what surface the scooter will be riding on most often. Scooters that are designed for young kids have flimsy plastic wheels that can only really be used on indoor surfaces without damaging the wheels. 

As your kid grows and upgrades to exterior surfaces like sidewalks, you would have to upgrade the scooter too, to accommodate the changing surfaces that they ride on.

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