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Life Lessons You Can Start Teaching Your Kids Now

September 8, 2019

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School provides children with an educational foundation that helps them to accomplish many things. While a solid educational background is ideal for success, there are other life skills that children will need to accomplish this. Unfortunately, most school systems don’t spend much time on these subject matters leaving most children clueless once they enter the real world. To give your child the best headstart possible, it is ideal for parents to begin teaching them life skills early on. 

Health and Hygiene

It’s unfortunate that most adults don’t pay attention to their health until something is going wrong. With the increase in health epidemics and life-threatening diseases, however, teaching your children healthy habits could be just the preventative measures they need to avoid worsening their health or overall quality of life. 

Start by being an example. Make sure that you’re eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep, keeping up with medical appointments, and doing things to enhance your health. You can also begin allowing the kids to care for themselves as they get older. From brushing their teeth and washing their face to choosing healthy meal options and staying active, this will give them the push they need to remain healthy, clean, and in shape. 

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Everyone needs basic cooking skills to be able to survive. As you won’t always be able to afford takeout or to hire a personal chef, it’s good to know a few things you can prepare to maintain a healthy diet. The best way to learn how to cook is through experience. Choose a day out of the week that isn’t too hectic where you have the time to show your children how to cook. Show them everything from selecting recipes, shopping for the ingredients, and preparing meals. 


You want your children to be responsible adults. From raising children to holding down a job your child will be in charge of or accountable for a lot in life. Teach them early on the importance of being responsible. You can allow them to help with things around the house, do things on their own (like getting dressed or making a snack), and,  when they’re old enough, give them household chores. 

Getting a pet dog is another way parents can teach their kids responsibility. They get to see how much the dog depends on them for survival. Whether it’s making sure the dog gets walked, fed, or given supplements to reduce dog seizures, your kids learn what it means to be responsible for another life which can prove beneficial in the future. 

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Finances are integrated into every aspect of a person’s life. As you know, when money is mismanaged, it can lead to a world of stress and complications. The best way to prepare your children is to start teaching them about money matters early on. Give them an allowance for helping out around the house or getting good grades in school. Show them how to save a portion of their money and how to spend so that they get the most out of each dollar. When your children are older, there are resources like financial apps and credit cards for teens where you could teach them all about credit and how to use it responsibly. 

Household Chores

Until your children are grown and successful enough to hire a cleaning service or maid, completing household chores is something they’ll be responsible for. Start teaching your kids early by delegating tasks (according to their age). As they complete these chores, teach them tips and tricks on how to get it done most efficiently. As your children get older, you should also teach them basic home improvement skills as well. It’s great to know how to change filters in the ac or furnace, unclog a sink, or change light bulbs so they don’t have to waste money on hiring a professional. 

Schools are great in that they prepare your children academically for the future. Be that as it may, there isn’t much instruction on simple life skills like those discussed above. Rather than allowing your children to go without these skills and struggle as an adult, start as early as possible teaching them life skills that will take them far. 

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