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Learning to Play the Guitar Comes with Advantages

August 7, 2020

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Music is a powerful tool. Listening to music is positive for mental health and can be an amazing coping skill. There are also many advantages to learning to play the guitar or a musical instrument. It allows you to express yourself and develop a passion for something you enjoy. Learning to play an instrument is not easy. It takes dedication and patience to learn the notes and how to make the sounds you want to come from the instrument.

Why you should consider learning to play the guitar

Learning to play the guitar can provide you with many benefits you never imagined. Here are some of the benefits of taking online guitar lessons at and learning to play the guitar. 

Confidence Booster

Face it. Many individuals have trouble with their confidence levels. Many individuals spend hours trying to figure out how to build their self-esteem. They try self-help books, therapeutic exercises, mindfulness, and mantras. All of these are good things. Learning how to play guitar can help build your confidence. As your skill increases and you get better at playing, your confidence will begin to grow.

Learning any new skill can help build your confidence. You notice the progress you are making and feel pride in yourself. This feeling of pride can increase your confidence, and that confidence boost will transfer over into other parts of your daily life. 

Learn a Skill

Knowing how to play the guitar is a valuable skill. It makes you diverse and unique. You may not perform publicly. That is ok. You can play for yourself and for the passion that you develop for the instrument. Playing guitar is also useful when meeting new people. It gives something for you to talk about and can be an interesting topic of conversation. The truth is you never know when knowing how to play will be useful. 

Learning to play the guitar

Improves Concentration

Do you have problems focusing on daily tasks for long periods? Taking lessons can help you develop your concentration. There have been studies that show that musicians notice and correct their mistakes faster than individuals that do not know how to play an instrument. When you have lessons regularly, you are teaching yourself how to focus for extended periods. Children how to learn to play instruments, for example, have an easier time paying attention at school.

Better Memory

Learning to play an instrument can improve your overall memory. It increases your memory capacity. Research has been completed to show that this is true. Research shows that music lessons alter the power of the brain.

Better Child Development

When a child takes music lessons, it can improve their development. Not only can it improve their academic functioning, but it can also build confidence and improve their perspective on the world around them. There are numerous skills required to read and play music. All these skills assist in building mental capacity and improves development.

Learning to play the guitar

Sharpens your Mind in Old Age

When a child learns to play an instrument, studies show that it keeps their mind alert as they grow older. Studies indicate that playing an instrument can help protect against dementia. It takes years of practice to master an instrument. There is a belief that these years of studying music could create connections in the human brain that later make up for the cognitive declines that occur as human beings grow older.

Mental Health

Listening to music is positive mental health coping skill. It can help improve concentration. It can also assist when struggling with anxiety and stress. Stress levels are lowered by playing an instrument because the blood pressure and heart rate in the body are lowered. Playing an instrument is relaxing. Most individuals describe feeling the benefits of playing an instrument immediately.

Time Management

Time management is an executive functioning skill that many individuals struggle with every day. Learning to play an instrument can help you manage your time more effectively. You must practice learning the music, especially if you are taking a class with exams. If you want to pass the exams, you must make sure that you are scheduling time to practice. You also must schedule lessons and incorporate them with other areas of your life.

Learning to play the guitar

Better Literacy and Math Skills

To learn music, you must utilize math and literacy skills. This is part of the reason that learning to play an instrument can help children academically. Children who play instruments do better academically, including research. Playing instruments also have the possibility of improving math and literacy skills in adults.

Cultural Competence

Playing an instrument can provide a look at other cultures. Many individuals learn to play different kinds of music when they learn an instrument. Many learn music from various cultures. You can also learn the importance of music in different cultures and what it means to them. Learning an instrument can be a good way to improve your cultural competence and learn more about cultures different than your own. 

Social Growth

Playing guitar has a way of bringing groups of people together and connecting them. When you know how to play the guitar you have the power to potentially change the mood in a room of people by simply playing music. Not many instruments hold the same social power has a guitar. Pianos can sometimes, depending on where you are. However, guitars are easier to bring along with you to a party.

If you pull one out at a party and play a few random cords, you can grab the attention of those around you. Before you know it, the entire room has come together. This can be extremely useful if the party is failing. For it to work, you need to know how to play the instrument.

Meet New People

Maybe you are shy, and it is hard for you to meet new people. You have begun coming out of your shell, but when you go out to parties you tend to hide in the corner. Bringing your guitar with you can not only help with the anxiety that you feel in the crowd, but it can also help you build the courage to talk to those around you. By playing an instrument, when you learn to play well, you can get the attention of those around you and have something to talk to them about. 

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