Kärcher Window Vac WV60 {Review}

July 19, 2014

Living on the coast has it’s benefits, easy walking distance to the beach, the cooling sea breeze and the ability to get an ice cream almost whenever you desire one. The downside to living so close to the beach is that the sand is carried on the breeze and deposited on our windows and on our cars. Depending on the weather it does mean that our windows need cleaning more often than I’d like.

When we first moved to our house getting the windows washed by a window cleaner was quite a novelty as we had previously lived in a third floor flat and could never find anyone brave enough to venture up that high. After a few months we decided to stop getting the window cleaner to come and visit for two reasons, firstly trying to make sure I’d be home when he called round to be paid and secondly the cost of almost £10 every three weeks was becoming somewhat expensive.

Since then we have been muddling along washing the windows ourselves, however I can never manage to get them streak free like the window cleaner did. So when I was contacted to see if we’d like to try out the Kärcher Window Vac WV60 I was so excited (sounds silly to get excited over a window vac but anything that might make window cleaning easier makes me happy).

The Kärcher Window Vac WV60 gives you an effortless way to clean windows. It can also tackle shower screens, mirrors, spills and allows you to even remove condensation! This product is easy to use and light weight weighing only 700g so it shouldn’t tire you out when cleaning. This product is ideal for those who don’t have long to spend cleaning, but at the same time it doesn’t compromise results! You can check one out in action here.

Kärcher Window Vac WV60 Kit

Kärcher Window Vac WV60 contains:

  • Large 280mm suction blade
  • Small 170mm suction blade
  • Spray bottle with micro-fibre cleaning cloth
  • 20 ml Glass cleaning sachet

Unpacking the Kärcher Window Vac WV60 I did wonder if it would be difficult to assemble, however all that what required was to attach either the 280mm or 170mm suction blade. Included within the set is a spray bottle with micro-fibre cleaning cloth which enabled me to spray my windows and lather them up with the cloth before using the window vac.

With each charge of the Kärcher Window Vac WV60 lasting around 40-60 square meters I don’t have to worry about it running out half way down a window.

Kärcher Window Vac WV60

Kärcher Window Vac WV60 key features:

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy to Empty
  • Streak free
  • Cleaning power per battery charge
  • Designed for cleaning all smooth surfaces

Using the window vac is as easy as 1, 2, 3 for easy streak-free windows

  1. Spray the window with glass cleaning solution
  2. Rub the windows with the micro-fibre cloth to work up a lather
  3. Vacuum the window starting at the top and work downwards in vertical stripes (I found that it was better to pull the window vac down fairly quickly)

Kärcher Window Vac WV60 Blade

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

With a RRP of £79.99 (although available for £60.00 from Amazon at the moment), it may seem expensive for something that just cleans your windows but given the cost of having a window cleaning coming round every fortnight or even monthly can soon add up.

 Now the Kärcher Window Vac WV60 isn’t just for use on your windows at home, it can be used on shower screens, mirrors, car windows, conservatories and perfect for getting the condensation off the windows in the winter.

Overall I really like the Kärcher Window Vac WV60, it has saved me so much time cleaning the windows, in fact they actually get cleaned more often just because it is so easy to do. It’s so easy to use as ypu don’t have to keep your finger on the power button that even Roo can do the windows… now if only she would grown taller so I could add it to her chores list 😉

Disclosure: We received a Kärcher Window Vac WV60 FOC for the purpose of review.

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