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Pull My Finger – You know you want to…

November 21, 2018

There are two types of people in this world… The ones who find farts funny and those who don’t. I’m very much in the former camp on this subject. It’s not clever, it’s not grown up but seriously, farts are just so funny. There is nothing that lightens the mood quite like someone farting (even if it is quite possibly the worst smell you’ve smelt!).

Given that I find farts funny, you’ll have probably gathered that Mr Boo and the children all follow suit. We are THAT family! So when Jakks Pacific offered us the Pull My Finger game, of course, we said yes! In fact, it was already on Tigger’s wish list!

Pull My Finger – You know you want to…

A close up of a toy

You never know when he’s going to blow! Pull My Finger is the hilarious game that combines 2 things that make everyone laugh, Monkeys & Farts!

Spin the banana spinner, pull the Monkey’s finger, and watch his BUTT INFLATE with each pull! How BIG will his BUTT get? How long can he hold it in?

Avoid the Farts and WIN! 

Pull My Finger // What’s included?

  • Mr Buster Monkey
  • Monkey Base
  • 2x Monkey butts (I can’t type that without sniggering)
  • A Monkey Tail
  • Spinner
  • Instructions

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How to play the Pull My Finger game

Once you have assembled Mr Buster the monkey on to his platform, you need to attach one of his butts (two are included – one as a Monkey Butt replacement – snigger) along with his tail. Then you are ready for gameplay…

  1. The youngest player spins the banana spinner first and then carries out the action that they land on…
    • 1 – Pull the finger once
    • 2 – Pull the finger twice
    • 3 – Pull the finger three times
    • 4 – Pull the finger four times
    • 3 & Spin Again! – Pull the finger three times and spin the banana again
    • Skip Turn! – Player skips a turn – no pulling of the finger
    • Reverse! – The direction of play reverses to anticlockwise – no pulling of the finger
    • Player’s Choice! – Player gets to choose a random player to go next – no pulling of the finger
  2. Continue the gameplay in a clockwise direction (as long as the banana hasn’t landed on REVERSE)
  3. The player who causes Mr Buster to ‘FART’ loses and is out of the game. Gameplay continues until there is only one player remaining and is the WINNER!

Pull My Finger…

Gameplay for this game is a relatively simple one and is aimed at children aged 4. One that they can play with siblings, friends and family members. It takes a couple of butt inflates to get it used to the stretch which then makes it easier for little ones to pull Mr Buster’s finger.

The resounding finish of Mr Buster is a little hit and miss, with some great sounds whilst others are a little disappointing. Which usually leaves the children attempting to make their own fart sounds!

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What can I say about this game?

It’s one that will get you laughing about butts inflating and the fart that follows!

Pull My Finger // Where Can I Buy?

The Pull My Finger game from Jakks Pacific is available to buy from Amazon and all other good toy retailers.

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