A cat sitting on top of a wooden table

Items you should purchase before getting a cat

August 21, 2015

So you’ve finally bought yourself a feline friend? Congratulations! There is no doubt that you can’t wait to bring your new cat home. But, before you do, there are a few things you need to buy so that your cat will feel right at home. Make sure you get all these items before the day to save stress and rushing around later. Here is a list of the top things your cat will need:


An obvious one, but sometimes we forget the more obvious items because we are worrying too much about the other things. Find out what food they have been fed in by the cat’s guardian or breeder in their last home and feed them the same. For kittens with unknown backgrounds, bear in mind that babies need more fats and proteins than adult cats. Cats should be given canned food. They can eat dried food after eight weeks but canned is generally better for them.

Toys to play with

Cats love to play and a great way to bond with your cat is during this time. There are many toys out there that are designed specifically for cats such as catnip mice which can be found at the likes of Vet Medic. Many cat owners choose to purchase ‘kitty houses’ or climbing posts which act as cat furniture where they can play.

A cat lying on a bed

Cat Carrier

A cat carrier is a must if you need to take your cat anywhere as they are very independent characters. It’s important that you can’t try and transport a cat without one. For example, if you were driving and your cat wasn’t in a carrier, they could be climbing all over you whilst you drive which would be very distracting and could cause an accident.

A cat sitting on top of a wooden table

Grooming Tools

It is important to groom your cat to keep them healthy, looking good and loved. When purchasing a comb. Look for a fine-toothed combed and a rubber-backed pin brush. You can also get nail clippers for cats but some see this as harsh and would prefer to purchase a scratching post. However, if you start clipping your kittens nails early they may get used to it and it will be easier to clip your cats nails as she gets older.

A close up of a cat

Scratching post

Believe it or not – cat’s scratch. So it’s important they get use to using a scratching post so that your cat doesn’t scratch all your furniture. Some scratching posts have catnip scent applied to attract your cat which is great for training purposes.

Litter box

Obviously, you don’t want your cat doing her business all over the house so it’s vital you purchase a litter box. If you have a full-grown cat, purchase a litter box with high sides as they tend to throw the litter around. Make sure your cat can enter the litter box easily and it is a decent size.

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