spa experience with instant water heater

Get Perfectly Hot Water Every Time With Instant Water Heaters

December 8, 2020

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A spa rejuvenates you from the inside. With winter banging on our doors, nothing can be more soothing than a hot spa after a hard day’s work.

But the thought of a spa often makes an average Indian shudder; not due to the heat, but because of the price associated with it.

But, did you know, you can now get the same blissful experience every day at a fraction of the cost? Bring home an instant water heater and transform your quaint old bathroom to a state-of-the-art spa.

The Best Way to Get the Spa Experience

You may visit a spa for its many benefits.

A spa therapy reduces the toxin level in your body and helps you de-stress. A good quality spa may also slow down your ageing process. Additionally, it may enable you to sleep better and reduce body aches by optimising blood circulation.

But, before indulging yourself in that glorifying experience, you must sift through water heaters and find the best instant water heater for setting up the environment. Here is a ready reckoner of the things you need to do to select the right instant water heater at an affordable price.

spa experience with an instant water heater

Heating Element

The heating element is the most important element in water heaters. The price of an instant water heater depends largely on the quality of the heating element.

As a thumb-rule, the more durable the heating element is, the faster heating it will provide.

The heating element can be ceramic or metal. While you can easily find cheap water heaters with ceramic heating elements, the best water heaters usually bank on a metal element.

For getting a spa-like environment, you should choose an instant water heater which produces no less than 3000 Watts or 3 KW power. To move your satisfaction level a few notches up, you should try a heater with a copper heating element.

If you have been wondering about the instant water heater price, then it’s cheaper than many other gadgets in your house. An instant water heater with a high-quality copper 3000-Watts heating element, like the Crompton Solarium Neo, is available in prices ranging from INR 4,000 to INR 5,500.

Storage Capacity

When you want to get a relaxing hot detoxifying shower to get rid of the accumulated dust and toxins, it is better to choose water heaters with a storage capacity of up to three litres.

Almost all high-quality instant water heaters come with a storage tank of 1 litre and 3 litres. The Wattage and heating time depends on the storage capacity of the heater.

For example, while a 1-litre instant water heater comes with a 3000-Watt motor, the 3-litres version comes with a more powerful 4500-Watt motor and heats up water faster than the former.

The heaters like Crompton Solarium Neo comes with a 4500-Watt motor and a stainless steel tank which ensures that the water not only heats quickly but retains heat for a longer time.

Bar Pressure

The third and probably the most crucial parameter that determines the output and the longevity of water heaters is the bar pressure. Bar pressure is the speed in which water enters the water heater. A less than optimal bar pressure may reduce the life of an instant water heater.

Irrespective of the floor you live in, an instant water heater with 6 bars and above can be the best choice.

Hence, the next time you buy an instant water heater, ensure that you carefully inspect the bar pressure before purchasing.


No other feeling can match the pleasure that a rejuvenating spa-like shower with an instant water heater can give. But before laying your hands upon the best instant water heater, make sure you consider the quality and power of the heating element, the capacity of the tank, bar pressure, and price. 

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