Considerations When Improving Your Roof

Considerations When Improving Your Roof

May 26, 2021

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Re-roofing is not always glamorous. It is not likely you will invite people over and say, “Hey have you looked at my roof?”. There are opportunities to spice up the outside appeal of your home when upgrading your roof. It is important when looking at improvements you want to make to your home. When you plan your upgrade there are things that you need to take into consideration.

Repairing, maintaining, and improving your roof is important. You also want to look at ways that you can save money in the long run and reduce the maintenance necessary. There are many benefits to having your roofing upgraded and many things to consider when you do.


Considerations When Improving Your Roof


Utility bills can run high; especially during the hottest and coldest months of the year. Modern options are extremely energy efficient. There are several ways that upgrading or replacing your roof can save you money on your utility bill. The first is that it provides better ventilation. This keeps the air in; whether you are trying to keep your home warm or cold; instead of letting it out. This means that you can pay less on your utility bill while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home. Having new shingles installed can also help keep your home safe from high winds.

Finally, if you choose a roof that is rated for solar reflectance; this means that the rays of the sun are deflected. This helps you keep the temperature inside the home cool instead of cooking. This means that you can run your air conditioner less and can help you save money on cooling your house.


Another benefit to installing or upgrading your roof is that it allows you to have a more comfortable life. NO longer will the outside heat or the chilling winter air impact the temperature in your home. Instead; you can keep the temperature comfortable without it seeping out or the air from outside seeping in.


Anytime you upgrade or replace something on your home; you want it to look better than what is being upgraded or replaced. Having a brand new roof installed or an old one upgraded can be just the makeover that your home needs. It can help increase the overall appeal of your home for many years. It is important to remember that you can always see parts of the roof from the outside; so it does have some impact on the overall aesthetics of your home. 


When you combine modern style and energy efficiency with a new roof; you can increase the value of your property. Homebuyers tend to pay attention to the way a home looks on the outside and the inside. Many even find that a new roof that will save them money on their power bill is the most valuable home improvement a seller can make.


Considerations When Improving Your Roof

Chimney Cap

Metal and Masonry chimney caps are built to prevent rain and creatures out of a chimney. Airtight caps are created with the purpose to conserve energy. Most people do not use their fireplace all year long. When we are not using the fireplace, the air inside the home (whether it is cool air in the summer or hot air in the winter) leaks out the chimney. Most fireboxes have dampers in them. These dampers are not airtight and the air is still able to escape.

Roofing professionals can answer questions about installing a chimney cap that is airtight. This can usually be done in the process of working on the roof or when installing a new roof. Airtight caps are activated by a spring. When you want to open the cap, tug the cable attached to the bracket in the fireplace. Once the fire is out, pull the cap shut. Airtight caps also prevent animals from forming nests inside the chimney.

Eave Flashing 

Another thing to consider is Eave Flashing. This is a good idea if you have been the victim of damage from ice. It may cost a little extra when you re-roof your home but is worth the investment. Eave flashing is peel-and-stick membranes typically applied before the shingling process takes place. They are around two feet in depth located on the outside of the wall plane. These membranes can seal themselves around the fasteners of the roof and form a watertight seal; helping prevent damage from ice.


When an attic in a home does not have proper ventilation, it heats up like a furnace. The head goes into the room located beneath the attic making anyone inside the room uncomfortable. If you want to keep your home cooler, having ridge vents installed during the roofing upgrade process can help. Ridge vents are easy to hide and allow air to move below the shingles. This allows for effective ventilation.


There are many types of shingles that you can choose from. One that should be considered is an energy-efficient option. Homeowners can choose from numerous colours when New Roof Plus upgrades the roof of their home. Energy-efficient shingles reflect radiation and decrease energy consumption by reemitting absorbed heat. It is estimated that keeping the roof cool can save you seven to fifteen per cent of what you spend on cooling.


When your roof is being redone this is probably a good time to invest in new gutters. If your current gutters have problems, you should really go ahead and get them replaced. Gutter systems typically have hoods built into them and are designed so that little maintenance is required. They require little to no maintenance due to the design built off the idea of waiter adhesion.

This allows rainwater to move down and around the hood until it finds its way into the gutter. It also allows it to deflect leaves that may otherwise gather inside the gutter and result in clogging or stains. You will no longer have to find time to climb a ladder and clean the gutters. Thanks to the variety offered; you can easily select a colour that works well with the new roof you are having installed.

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