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How to Save Money Before your Holiday

March 6, 2019

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Going on holiday can be expensive, even before you’ve landed. But it doesn’t have to be. To help you save your cash for the other side of the flight, here are our five top tips to save money before you go on holiday.

A book sitting on top of a table

Getting There

Before you even get to the airport, your holiday funds will start to decrease. This is due to having to get to the airport. However, if you’re savvy, you’ll be able to reduce the costs of getting there. You’ve probably booked an airport close by, or at least one that can be reached by public transport. So, at the first opportunity buy yourself some off peak tickets to the airport, rather than a taxi or driving yourself and paying for parking. It could also save loved ones from paying a fortune waiting to pick you up. Overall, it’ll work out much cheaper, and the earlier you book the longer you have to save the money back up again.

What you Take

Here’s another way to save yourself some money before you go – your clothing. Obviously, you’ll want some new clothes for holiday, like a new swimsuit, or maybe some sandals or flipflops as you probably won’t have any. But, do you need to buy loads of new t-shirts and eveningwear? Instead, pull out a few basics you have for the day, and some nice bits for the night and you’re good. Holding off on a whole new holiday wardrobe is a great way to save the money for when you arrive.

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When it comes to the airport, food can be extremely expensive. So, rather than buying lots of bits there why not think smartly about it. Of course, you can’t take your own food with you, but a lot of airports now have lounges, which provide unlimited drink and food, or a variant of this. Some of these can cost around £30 or £40, and while that sounds like a lot, it’ll be much cheaper than buying some drinks and snacks at the shops in the lounge, which charge extortionate prices for everyday items.

Holiday Activities

If you just want to sit around the pool all day, amazing. However, for many of you out there, chances are you’ll want to do something while on holiday – so do your research. Take a look at what’s around and what you want to do, then shop around to find the best prices for these activities. They’ll usually be more if you book them there, so it’s better to research beforehand and book while at home, in advance, as you’re much more likely to get a deal. This is obviously a great idea if you have a family.


Stop and think, do you really need all of that stuff? The alcohol, cigarettes or sweets and chocolate may seem cheap, but would you buy these vast amounts anyway. If the answer is no, then hold off, as you’re just spending money for the sake of it, which will eat into your fund for when you’re abroad.

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