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5 reasons why it may be a good idea to find a tutor for your child

May 18, 2018

We all want the very best for our children. Not only in their everyday life but also their education and future careers too. This means that as parents, we are looking for ways to make things that little bit better.

Our children head off to our chosen schools in order to learn and develop their skills, but when it comes to education, things don’t have to stop there. Tutors, across a variety of subjects are there to help children who need extra support, or even an extra challenge to really maximise their potential.

Are you considering a tutor for your child? Not sure whether it is the right choice for you? James Goldsmith at 11plustutorsinessex.co.uk gives us 5 reasons why it may be a good idea to find a tutor for your child.

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1 – It will ensure that they keep up with their peers

Some children will find particular subjects easy to master, some will find it hard going. If your child falls into the latter then a big concern is that they will fall too far behind the rest of their class and not be able to recover from this. Standard education is great, but the teachers in the classrooms sometimes do not have the time to dedicate to each individual child. This is where a tutor can help. They will be able to provide one to one study time, which will focus on the particular areas that the child finds hard and work on them, hopefully bringing them to a level which is alongside their peers.

2 – To help children with entrance exams

The 11+ system are a series of tests designed to check the academic abilities of a child, allowing them entry into a grammar school. They can be tricky to pass, without a tutor, but with a tutor, the process becomes easier. Not only can they work with a student to increase their knowledge across the subjects, but these tutors are also likely to know what type of questions may be asked and encourage the child to focus on these. They also can provide helpful advice for when it comes to sitting those exams such as methods and techniques too.

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3 – To make sure that education is a personal experience

When you are in a class of say 30 children, it is all too easy to see some children blur into the background, particularly those that are achieving well. This means that children who could excel simply do not have the personal interaction that could make the difference. As a tutor will work one to one with a student, they can recognise, embrace and work on their key skills ensuring that they have the chance to shines as only they can.

4 – To challenge your child

Children need to be challenged to ensure that they do not get bored, and this is hard in standard education. A tutor is able to look at the skills that your child has and design an approach that is going to fit entirely for them. No, one size fits all approach here, just personal, tailored approaches that will really suit your child.

5 – To make sure that they get the most from their education

Finally, when it comes to choosing a tutor, you are making an investment into the future of your child. Education is key to form a foundation for their future career plans, so it makes sense to try and build a solid base. This is something that a tutor is definitely able to do, along with so much more.

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