How To Be More Cyber Aware

November 28, 2013
If you’re not very clued up on the cyber world, take a look at Embrace Civility. This site gives you all of the information you need to build child friendly websites. 

Keeping your child E-Safe: You may be wondering how you can ensure your child is only directed to child friendly websites. is a website that provides teachers, care givers and parents an outlet to discuss internet dangers. It also teaches you more about child development. The advice is given by parents as well as by experts in various child development and technological fields. The forum will also point you to recommended child safe websites. You can share your own knowledge with other parents too. 

Typically you’ll discover that the parents who contribute the most on the forum will tell you to join in with your child’s web surfing experience. You can then show your child exactly which sites are considered to be inappropriate. Talk to them about the potential risks of fraudsters and paedophiles. Also, talk about the dangers of social networking sites. Potential predators can use fake photos and information when targeting people on social networking sites. Make sure your child knows never to give away their personal details to people they do not know. 

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While using social networking sites, make sure your child knows to tell you straight away if somebody wants to meet up face to face. As well as predators, you also have to worry about cyber-bullying. Social networking sites have made it easy for children to bully their peers. They are able to both humiliate and frighten their victims on sites like these. Make sure your child knows to report any bullying to an adult. Typically it is the cool kids who set out to bully those who are not part of their social group.

The victim of the bullying often ends up feeling that it’s their fault or they end up too scared to report the problem because the bully has threatened them. They could be scared that they will be physically attacked if they tell an adult, or they may just be embarrassed that this is happening to them. Therefore it’s up to you to keep a look out for any signs of bullying. Has your child suddenly started to withdraw into its own world? Are they suddenly constantly ill and they don’t want to go to school? It’s important to be sympathetic when you talk to your child about any potential problems they may be experiencing. Also make sure you come across as supportive and that you don’t judge them. Reassure them and highlight their worth in the world.

If the person bullying your child is another school pupil, make sure you mention the problem to a teacher. If on the other hand you find out that it’s your child who is doing the bullying, make sure you deal with it quickly. You can get tips with this on and see how other parents have handled the situation.

You need to make sure the bullying stops for the sake of your child. Find out why they are bullying another person. Is it in defence because they themselves are being bullied or are they simply being nasty? You’ll need to provide guidance and make sure you teach them about values such as decency and kindness. In some cases it could be a deeper psychological problem that is causing the behaviour.

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