Top Tips When Checking For Hotel Bedbugs

Top Tips When Checking For Hotel Bedbugs

June 25, 2021

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Bedbugs are a nuisance. Although they are not generally associated with the transfer of disease, they will bite you and feed on your blood. They generally do this at night while you are sleeping, hence the name bedbug. 

The result is lots of red marks on your body which become very itchy. Perhaps the bigger issue is that the bedbugs can travel very easily. If you are staying in a hotel they will climb into your suitcase and head home with you, creating a problem at home that can only really be sorted by the pest control experts. 

Alongside this, bedbugs will interrupt your sleep, potentially causing sleep deprivation and other issues. If you suspect you have them at home click here to get help. If they are at your hotel, then change rooms, or if necessary, hotels. 

Here is what you need to do when checking for hotel bedbugs:

Check the Registry

Did you know there is a bedbug registry for hotels? You can look up any hotel on the registry and find out whether it has, or has had bedbugs. If you discover that your hotel has bedbugs, change your booking. 

If it has had them but doesn’t appear to have them now you will need to proceed with caution.

Top Tips When Checking For Hotel Bedbugs

Check The Bed

When you arrive in your hotel room you should place your suitcase on a wooden object off from the floor or soft furnishings. Do not open it. This will help to ensure no bedbugs sneak into it. You can then check the bed. Start by pulling back the covers and making sure the sheets are clean. Small dots on the sheets suggest there is a bug problem.

Then, inspect all the seams of your mattress and the joints of the bed frame. Remember, bedbugs are very small. You need to be thorough when checking. In fact, it can help to have a magnifying glass with you as this will make the dark corners more visible. 

Check The Carpets And Soft Furnishings

Although bedbugs generally prefer to hide in and around the bed, they can hide anywhere in the bedroom. Check the floor carefully and any soft furnishings. If you see any signs of life investigate further. It may be time to change rooms. 

Pay particular attention to any sofas and chairs in the room, these offer the same hiding spots as the bed. 

Top Tips When Checking For Hotel Bedbugs

Keep Your Suitcase Safe

If you can’t find any sign of bedbugs then you can stay in the room. But, you should still keep your suitcase elevated and preferably isolated. This will prevent bugs from getting in it and coming home with you.

If this is not possible then wrap your suitcase in plastic and open it as few times as possible.

You should never be afraid to demand a room change or a refund if your room cannot be changed. Bed bugs can be a real nuisance and you should take every precaution you can to avoid sleeping with them or bringing them home with you. 

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