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Kids Tech | Making A More Eco Choice With Planet Buddies

June 7, 2021

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When it comes to making particular purchases when it comes to how our children use technology, you may be wondering if there is a more economical way of making certain purchases. There is a lot of focus right now surrounding the planet, and what we can do to fix the individual impact that we have on it. It isn’t just about our carbon footprint, it can even be about supporting the right causes and helping where possible when it comes to endangered animals, the environment they live in, both on land and at sea. 

This is where Planet Buddies can be a great ecological choice for kids tech purchases. A supplier of things such as Bluetooth speakers and wired headphones. Their mission is simple:

Planet Buddies is dedicated to raising awareness for endangered animals all over the world. Our goal is to educate children about the issues that threaten animals with extinction. This includes loss of habitat, global warming, and harmful substances ending up in our oceans. Our aim is to share knowledge and inspire change in our future generations to help protect all life on our planet.

Why make these considerations in the first place?

It is important to understand that you need to be mindful that our world is changing. The more advances we make with technology, the more we use things that can affect the carbon footprint we all have, the more damage we are doing to the world we live in. Climate change, protecting the environment, being aware of pollution in our seas, are all things that are being affected at a dramatic rate. So making better choices now could help. Even if you think your choices and considerations are small, if everyone made a small change, then the world can be positively affected in the future.

Making ecological choices when it comes to purchases, such as from companies that have an eco focus, is funding organisations that work hard to stop our world from declining in many different areas. 

Kids tech accessories from Planet Buddies?

There are a few different things that you can buy from Planet Buddies. The online store has several things perfect for your children. Here are a few suggestions of some of the products you might want to consider purchasing for your children. 

Bluetooth Speaker

The Planet Buddies Bluetooth speaker is an ideal option for any young child’s bedroom or playroom. Perfect for listening to their favourite tunes or to sit quietly as the speaker plays an audiobook or child’s podcast. It has an impressive four-hour playtime and can last up to sixty days on standby. So it is a great option for you if it is easy to forget about charging these things up. You can connect the Bluetooth speaker wirelessly to any compatible device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Another fantastic feature is that if the speaker is connected to your phone, you can answer and end calls with a touch of a button. It also has a built-in microphone so that you can directly talk through the speaker. If you have any other of the Planet Buddies speakers, they can wireless connect to give you better sound quality or that surround sound experience.

Coming in cute “Pepper the penguin” or “Olive the owl” designs, they each have their own unique story to educate your children on environmental issues that affect both penguins and owls, depending on which speaker you choose. 

Tablet Cushion Stand

We all know that our children enjoy a bit of time on a tablet every now and again. Whether it is to watch videos or play games, so a great accessory to make this time more comfortable would be a tablet cushion stand. This cushion helps to improve posture and reduce neck and upper back strain which can be caused when using a device. You can use the tablet cushion stand while viewing the tablet in landscape or portrait position.

It is also designed to be ultra-lightweight, it is the perfect accompaniment for when tablets are used in the car on long road trips. Within the cushion stand, you will also find two discreet pockets, perfect for things like headphones so that everything is easily accessible. They come adorned in the familiar Planet Buddies characters including “Noah the whale,” “Milo the turtle,” “Olive the owl,” and “Pepper the penguin.”

Planet Buddies Kids Tech

Wired Headphones

Planet Buddies have created a great range of colourful and vibrant wired headphones, perfect for young ears. They are also volume limited to 85 decibels, which is what is recommended by the World Health Organisation. As this limit is in place, it helps to avoid any noise-induced hearing loss that can be apparent in children because of having the volume too high on their headphones. The 85 decibels are suitable for children to listen to from ages 3 upwards and for up to 8 hours. Keeping things safe.

They are brightly coloured and have super soft padding on the ear cushions and headband. They are also made from high-quality materials so that you can be assured they are strong and durable, which is perfect for young children who may not be fully aware of their strength and how things might break easily. On the exterior of the ear cushions, you will find the familiar faces of “Pepper the penguin,” “Olive the owl,” “Milo the turtle,” and “Noah the whale.” 

2-in-one Plush Holder and Screen Wiper

The perfect accompaniment for any child’s desk, the 2-in one plush holder and screen wiper is perfect for mobile phones. It is the ideal stand to watch videos, swipe and read information, as well as being a great mobile phone holder for when it isn’t in use. However, the other added benefit is that there is a microfibre base that is a screen cleaner for your device. They are made with child-safe polyester, and also come with a case for when they are not in use. You can get the character “Pepper the penguin” or “Olive the owl.”

Hopefully, this has highlighted the reasons why you should make more considered purchases and how Planet Buddies could be the ideal shop for some of your technology accessories and speakers. 

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