HomeServe: Warm Your Home This Winter

Home is where the heart is or so the saying goes.  Like most parents I long to spend longer in my bed (if only Roo and Tigger understood the meaning of a lay in).  After our renovations earlier this year we spent what money we had left after paying the builders on making sure that Roo’s bedroom was fit and ready for a princess.  Our room got a coat of magnolia paint, with the chimney breast painted a lovely shade of purple.  Other than blinds, curtains and carpet that is pretty much all we have done with the room.

So when I heard of the Homeserve: Warm Your Home This Winter blogger competition I had the perfect room in mind for a little transformation.  Not having much time on the run up to Christmas I have been thankful that you can order online from B&Q and I’m currently waiting for my order to be delivered.

So this is what our bedroom looked like before, as you can see it is a little bland and cold…

I’ve chosen some new bedsheets and the most gorgeous duvet cover set to help warm up our bedroom.  Although our carpets are new this year I am still toying with the idea of adding the Colours Atma Wool rug to the room as I love the feeling of sinking your toes into a nice warm rug when you first venture out of bed in the morning.

Warm Your Home This Winter

What do you think? Warmer? Certainly more inviting if nothing else and I’m hoping to add a quote to the walls by using a vinyl wall sticker, however I haven’t found the perfect quote just yet… any suggestions would be warmly (did you see what I did there?) received.

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: This is my entry into the Homeserve Warm Your Home This Winter – Bloggers Competition.

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