A little boy sitting on a wooden bench

Hiding in corners

April 5, 2017

We’ve all got a favourite place where we like to sit. For me, it is snuggled up on the sofa with a cushion across my legs. That cushion acts as a barrier against the rest of the world. I can retreat behind it and collect my thoughts as I sit and watch TV.

Over the years I have watched each of my children develop them own favourite place. A place that they feel most comfortable. A place that they retreat to time and time again.

The corner of the fireplace was Roo’s favourite place. We put in new fireplaces not long after we moved into our old house whilst I was still pregnant with Roo. Although they looked beautiful, we never used them and they were purely a decorative feature – a focal point for the room.

For Roo, however, it was the place she sat, where she played. The place she retreated to when she had been told off and felt sorry for herself.

Quite spooky just how much Roo and Piglet look alike

Tigger in many ways is like me, in that a corner of the sofa is his comfort place. With his trusty red muslin cloths gripped firmly in his hands. Opting to sit in silence when things aren’t going his way. Or feeling under the weather.

A little boy sitting on a wooden bench
Not a sofa but I just love this snapshot of him

Hiding in corners

Over the past few months, I have been watching Piglet looking whether she had a favourite place. To see where it is that she retreats to so she can be by herself, to play with her toys or just watch the world go by. For Piglet, it is all about hiding in corners.

A small child sitting on a table

Whether she is standing against the door and the safety gate. Hiding against the sofa and the wall or sandwiched between the toy basket and the TV speaker. As I’ve watched her I have noticed that this is both so that she can observe the rest of the room. But also to provide that little piece of the room that is just for her. If you put something in that space she will go over and either try to squeeze in the gap that is left or throw out whatever you have placed there. She then goes in, sits down and reclaims her space again.

Family life can be so hectic that I do love that we have each found a place in which we find comfort. From hiding in corners to the corners of the sofa.

  • RachelSwirl April 9, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    Oh bless being in a corner can make children feel snuggly and safe I guess.

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