Help! The fish died… Flush it then…

September 19, 2011

Today I happened to walk passed the fish tank and notice that our spotty Molly (who keeps giving us lots and lots of baby Mollies… but that’s a different story) was floating at the top of the tank.

A close up of a turtle
(not actual fish)

Luckily Roo and Tigger were eating their tea, so what do I do? I ring Mr Boo at work obviously…

Me: ‘Help! the fish is dead!’
Mr Boo: ‘Well flush it down the loo’
Me: ‘What? I can’t even look at it, never mind flush it!’
Mr Boo: ‘Man up, get the net and flush it’
Me: ‘OK, I can do this, speak to you later’

Off I go with new found courage (thank you Mr Boo), I managed to fish it out (mind the pun), place it in the toilet and flush… OMG it didn’t go away!!!

I’m back on the phone…

Me: ‘It didn’t go!!! What I am supposed to do now???’
Mr Boo: ‘Flush again’
Me: ‘Are you sure that will work?’
Mr Boo: ‘Put a load of toilet paper in there and it will go’
Me: ‘Oh, OK, didn’t think of that, bye’

Back to the bathroom… In goes the toilet paper, flush… IT’S STILL THERE!!! It took 4 flushes, that’s right 4 FLUSHES to get rid of it…

Next time I’m putting a towel over the tank, telling the kiddies that the fish are sleeping and waiting for Mr Boo to come home

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