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Have you packed for Wales?

March 27, 2015

As a family we love to stay in the UK and explore what we have available on our own doorstep rather than try to fight the queues at the airport, making sure we have met the baggage allowances not to meant the flight itself. We’d much rather fill our car full of all the necessary items and head off on some new adventure.

This year we are looking to visit Wales, for a variety of reasons – firstly, Mr Boo has family there and over the years we have been together we have never been to visit them instead they have always made the journey here. Secondly, I have made some wonderful friends over the time I have been blogging, one of those friends is the lovely Debbie from An Organised Mess who as luck would have it doesn’t live too far away from Mr Boo’s relatives so we are hoping to combine the trip (two birds and all that). Finally, I’m most looking forward to waking up on a morning, looking out the window and seeing beautiful scenery – being brought up in Cumbria before moving to Norfolk I miss hills and stunning landscapes.

A herd of sheep grazing on a lush green field

We haven’t quite worked out dates as yet (got to work around the International Bowls matches for Mr Boo’s family) which makes knowing what to pack a bit of a problem. As this will be a family trip I thought it would be fun to ask Roo and Tigger what they would pack for a trip to Wales

Roo’s Wales packing list…

  • Wales Bear – a bear that Mr Boo’s Nanny gave her when she was little when they came to first visit her
  • LittleLife backpack – her trusty backpack that goes on all our adventures. It’s big enough to hold her lunch, raincoat and whatever else she has decided that ‘must’ take with her on that particular day
  • One Direction hat – I don’t think she goes anywhere without her One Direction hat, recently wearing on a rollercoaster where she spent the entire time holding on to it so she wouldn’t lose it!

Tigger’s Wales packing list…

  • Blanket – he has had muslins since he was a baby that I dyed red (so that I wouldn’t lose them at nursery), he has at least one in bed every night with him plus if he is tired or feeling poorly out comes the comfort of his blanket
  • Trains – I think that if could get away with hiding trains in his pockets then they would go everywhere with him. Toys have come and gone over the years but his love of trains has remained strong
  • Juice cup – he is fussy little so and so when it comes to drinks (and food for that matter) so making sure he has a juice cup with him that we can refill will make life easier

Maybe I need to approach their way of thinking when it comes to packing, taking things because they add comfort, mean something or will make life easier.

Activity wishlist

Alongside seeing family and catching up with friends we are hoping to make the most of our visit without breaking the bank so I’ve been taking a look at free attractions and things to do in Wales. Personally I’m loving the idea of visiting Dryslwyn Castle or Llanddwyn Island – both look like wonderful sights to see and I’m guessing so much better up close and personal.

Win a luxury break to Wales

 Fancy winning a £1000 Welsh Rarebits holiday voucher so that you can enjoy some of Wales has to offer? Of course you do, simply head over to the Visit Wales website and enter their free-to-enter prize draw before midnight on Tuesday 31st March 2015.

A sunset over a body of water

Disclosure: We received a Visit Wales goodie pack full FOC for the purpose of this post

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