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Guarantees of Choosing the Best Movers

December 22, 2016

There is no secret that choosing the right mover can be a pretty difficult task to complete, especially if you have never ever had any relocation experience. This is why we decided to help you hire a reliable moving company to help you go through the whole process easier and without stress; for this reason, we consulted several Calgary movers who came up with four easily and still very important questions to ask a company before hiring.

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  1. Do movers have a physical local address (which includes not only PO Box but the actual address itself) on its website (or at least can the movers provide you this info via the phone or e-mail)?
  2. Do the movers have an effective license? Do they put this information on the website?
  3. Are the movers’ members of any certified organization? According to Mighty Moving reliable Calgary movers if your perspective moving company is, it demonstrates its devotion the job and professionalism.
  4. Do you have to pay the movers any kind of deposit before the actual move?

As experts from Calgary Movers Company say, in case the answer to all of the above-mentioned questions is “no” then you be ready to say same “no” to the crew unless you want to deal with a crappy move. The tip here: never hire movers who cannot provide you such information.

After these four questions are answered you can proceed with your research.

Where to begin

  • Start looking for reliable movers by asking your nearest and dearest and even business partners or colleagues about the moving experience they have and advice or recommendations they can give.
  • Then you need to contact several local real estate agents whom you can trust in order to get their professional opinion on the issue. After this consultation, you can create a list of three to four Calgary movers that have physical offices somewhere in your area.
  • Do not get caught by big ads, because according to the statistics in Calgary big advertisements do not mean that a company is reputable.
  • After you have got the list of these prospective movers, contact them via the phone in order to get the complete information about a company that includes full name, contact information and license numbers.
  • Never forget about asking any mover to provide you with some references. All Calgary reputable movers will gladly provide you this information.

Timing is extremely important

  • There is no surprise that doing important things in advance is the key to success. In the case of hiring movers, it means that you need to make all the arrangements about your relocation far in advance – at least four to five weeks prior the moving date. So get quotes from several Calgary movers at least a couple of months before the moving date to haves some time for considerations.
  • Be ready that there are busy hours and periods at any mover’s schedule. This is why try avoiding summer and ends of months.

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