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Getting ready for football training

January 22, 2015

Ever since I first met Mr Boo when I was just 17 years old football has been part of his life. Whether it was playing it, enjoying a game or two of Fifa on the computer or watching his beloved Liverpool FC on the TV. Not long after we first met he even had the Liverpool FC badge tattooed onto his arm. His love of football is something that has past down to Roo and until recently she was incredibly jealous of his weekly football training sessions with the boys from work.

That was until Roo’s sports teacher at school increased her love of sport and invited her to join the girls football training sessions on a Tuesday after school. Whilst Roo enjoys a kick-about with Mr Boo at our local park she would be training on astro turf so I was keen to get her kitted out with the right kit and most importantly footwear.

Getting ready for football training

Whilst I love going on a shopping trip taking the children isn’t always easy, especially after school if they are tired and grumpy so I opted to shop online and get it all delivered to home (thank goodness for internet shopping).


Source Lab Liverpool Football Club T Shirt | Sondico Core Football Short | Sondico Football Socks | Sondico Flair Slip Shin Guards | Umbro Speciali Club Astro Turf Trainers | Adidas 3 Stripe Boot Bag

What kit do you need for football training?

Roo’s teacher had thankfully provided us with a list of basic items that she would need for football training, the majority of it being her normal PE kit. The addition of shin pads and football socks that could be loaned from the school if children didn’t have their own I thought was considerate. Personally I wanted Roo to have her own socks (honestly who would want to borrow someone else’s?) and found that I could get her some football socks and shin pads for under £5.00 – bargain.

With a dad who supports Liverpool FC Roo is obviously aware of the football kit and wanted a special football shirt like daddy has. So I was pleased as punch when I found a Liverpool FC football shirt for under £10.00!

Astro Turf Trainers

As Mr Boo does his football training on astro turf he explained the need for a pair of astro turf trainers rather just her school PE trainers. Given the extra grip and stability provided by astro turf trainers I knew that I wanted to get Roo a pair but didn’t want to spend a fortune in case she didn’t really like the training sessions, so was pleased when I managed to pick up a pair for just £11.00 – bargain.

Football Accessories

If Roo’s football kit is anything like Mr Boo’s I don’t want that kept in her school bag so treated her to a boot bag too that will hopefully keep everything together and the smell contained!

Hydration is obviously a key factor throughout everyday life but even more so when you are doing sports so a funky pink water bottle will hopefully encourage Roo to drink plenty.


Do your little ones enjoy football?

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