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Personal and household financial admin

May 15, 2017

If you’re busy working and have no time to organise your life or finances you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a new app which will provide the perfect solution to sort out your life. We all have personal and household financial admin to keep track of. It’s only when something goes wrong and you need that car insurance policy that you then have to consider if you filed it away properly and are able to find it. Or when you are in crisis and your house floods and you wonder who your home insurance was taken out with. Well, now there is a solution. Getonatop is a centralised shareable storage solution which will allow you to scan, track and organise your financial and household documents.

Personal and household financial admin

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Comprehensive drop down menus will enable you to manage energy and telecoms provider bills and payments. You’ll be able to upload photos of documents or indeed screenshots which you can use to file away in one central area. Because everything is stored centrally you’ll be able to quickly and easily access all your documents. You’ll also get timely reminders when you have to renew your car insurance, home insurance, mortgage or other policies, or when you are due a mobile upgrade.

Advantages of Getonatop

One of the big advantages of Getonatop is that you have the capability to share documents with other people like family members who need access to shared information too. You won’t need to worry about the security of your documents either. Whether you’re storing documents or sharing them, you can do so safe in the knowledge that everything you upload is safely encrypted. So regardless of the emergency that you find yourself in, whether a house fire or car accident you can log in and check your documents or use them as proof of your cover.

Moreover, the best thing is, it’s all available on your mobile phone at your fingertips to give you peace of mind and help you have everything under control. You can control everything from one central portal saying goodbye to remembering multiple passwords and login details. Getonatop is a UK based company and it’s centralised shareable mobile storage has no clutter or adverts, its simple fast and versatile. No one can see your data except you and your data will never be stored directly on your mobile device. Your data will never be sold to a third party. Getonatop is regulated by Information Commissioner’s Office.

Download Getonatop for free

A close up of a signYou can even use data from the Getonatop whole of market’s drop-down list which can store and organise all your utility and banking documents easily and quickly give you peace of mind. So if you’d rather be out having fun with friends and family knowing that all your personal and household financial admin is taken care of then download Getonatop for IOS and android, free here or for iOS app* – here. Or, scan the QR Code block to the right of this.

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Start enjoying life and Getonatop!

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