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Fun Things to Freeze in Your Fridge Freezer

September 22, 2014

If your fridge freezer only consists of ice cubes, fish fingers and a load of ready meals you will never eat, you are seriously under-using it! There is a world of fun things to do using your fridge freezer. If you are worried you haven’t got the space for your weeks supply of food as well as some frozen fun activities why not upgrade to a bigger freezer? There are some wonderful and cheap fridge freezers at Hispek.

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Here are a few ideas for some truly cool frozen fun (most of these activities work best in the coldest part of winter when the items will stay frozen for longer):

Fun Things to Freeze in Your Fridge Freezer

Frozen Edible Wreath

Use a bundt pan and fill it with a festive mixture of berries, nuts and green leaves as well as water. Once frozen and out of the pan, hang it up with some strong string and watch it be a hit with birds in your garden.

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Colourful Ice Balls

These look great scattered on a winter garden. Simply fill a small balloon with water mixed with food colouring, freeze, then remove the balloon rubber. If you have garden lights place the balls nearby so their bright colours glow in the dark.

Ice Lanterns

Again use a water-filled balloon, rest the balloon on a mug and place in the freezer. After about four hours, remove the balloon from the freezer and poke a hole in the bottom to let out the unfrozen water from the middle. Do this again every 2 hours until youre happy that the lantern is nice and solid but hollow on the inside. The bottom of the frozen globe will be flat from sitting on the mug and there should be room on the inside for a small tea light.

Add interesting variations to your lanterns by inserting leaves and petals into the balloon. You could also drop silver ball bearings into the mix.

Creative a whole rainbow igloo

This might require more than just one freezer but it is possible to create Daniel Grey icy den on a smaller scale. Simply fill empty milk cartons up with coloured water to form the bricks and once they’ve frozen build the structure of your choice. You could use smaller juice cartons to build a smaller scale igloo.

And Some Foodie Treats

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Ice Lollies

This classic will always be popular with the little ones. Some unusual recipes to try include berry smoothie, banana and yoghurt and melon balls.

Ice Cream

Why not try some different ice cream recipes: Greek yoghurt and apricot, apple sorbet or banana and blueberry.

Frozen Yoghurt

Freeze it in the form of a big tub of ice cream or make your own frozen yoghurt ice lollies.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you from Hispek

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