Fun summer activities

August 14, 2020

Summer is the time when kids are bustling about trying to form plans to keep themselves entertained during their long days of complete freedom.

For those who are unemployed, summer leaves open days with all kinds of possibilities. As a result, here’s a compilation of ten interesting summer activities to try before the season comes to a close. Whether or not there is a source of income flowing, the majority of these fun summer activities are friendly to the average wallet, so time can still be well spent.

Fun Summer Activities with Friends

  1. Throw a themed party – The first thing that tends to pop into people’s minds for all those summer nights is “party.” This should definitely be crossed off the summer to-do list but in a unique fashion. A themed party is a way to have friends talking for weeks.

    Themes for parties can range in any direction, from a Mardi Gras party to a music-of-the-decade party. Party411 has great ideas for themes, props, games, and anything else needed to plan a successful party.
  2. Competitive tournaments – Tournaments are a great way to bond with friends for those with a competitive streak. Grab your tennis rackets and head to your local tennis court to see who can swipe out their component the quickest, or maybe try an endurance test. Why not head to the arcade and have a Skee-ball tournament or go miniature golfing and see who can do the best, but only putting in crazy poses. The more inventive the rules, the more laughter and fun to enjoy.
  3. Catch the latest tunes – For the music-savvy, getting a taste of live entertainment isn’t out of reach, even if money isn’t all that handy. Check out the local music scene and find fresh talent from home areas. Block parties have a lot of new talent, and it’s possible someone will spark newfound interest.
Fun summer activities

Family Fun

  1. A holiday away from the house – Are you looking for some quality family time? Plan a vacation just for the family, no friends for just a day or two. Parents should let kids participate in the planning, so there are more ideas invested in the vacation. If the economy has financial situations on the downside, plan a local trip to the lake, park, or movie theatre.
  2. Enjoy the great outdoors – Getting outside and experiencing the vast wilderness is a favourite pastime of summer, so don’t forget to go camping. If extreme is not the preferred style, head to a camping lodge in an RV. If risk sounds more interesting, go with nothing but essentials and pitch a tent. Game nights, bonfires, and hours on the water will make the time fly by. If you want to make the most of your time with your family we recommend getting a rear fold camper trailer. You can set this up in a fraction of the time it takes to set up a tent. 
  3. A family that scoots together – Time together can be limited, so why not make the most of the couple of hours you have here and there? Grabbing your 2 Wheeled Scooters you can head out and explore your local neighbour, have a little competition on who can scoot the fastest etc. Not only will you be enjoying time together, gaining some fresh air but you will also be burning off some excess energy too.
A young boy riding a skate board at a skate park

One Isn’t The Loneliest Number

  1. New tricks – Summer is the time to expand your horizons, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Some seasonal activities to try are parasailing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, and Frisbee golf.
  2. Brainpower – Speaking of expanding horizons, don’t let that brain go into hibernation this season. Set a goal for a number of books to read by the end of the summer; then, get started. To narrow the possibilities of selection, choose a specific genre, and head to the local library. A librarian can help find popular authors in that genre to test out.
  3. Lend a helping hand – Multiple organizations host fundraisers this time of year, so volunteering is another option available. The American Red Cross hosts blood drives across the nation, and the American Cancer Society hosts Relay for Life.
  4. Living in a technological era – Technology-driven youths might be interested in learning how to blog or create a Web site. Brainstorm ideas the general public might be interested in and start putting together a Web site to provide more information about the topic.
  5. Days to remember – Make a summer scrapbook from all the photos that are taken and include pictures from magazines and newspapers to spruce up the themes. Don’t forget to label names and places right away, so it’s not difficult to remember who everyone is five years down the road.

Sitting around at home is never a good idea during summer. It’s time to relax and try new things. Hopefully, this has provided new ideas, so get out there and enjoy the wistful days of summer.

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