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May 21, 2019

When it comes to flooring in your home, there are many different options. There are carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, and combinations of these. When you are looking for flooring options in your house, you have to consider where you are putting it, how much it will be used and the budget you have for the project.

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There are different types of hardwood you can use. When it comes to buying solid wood or engineered wood, you need to consider your budget. Real wood flooring tends to be expensive, more difficult to install and often times needs a professional if you want to get it right and have it looks its best. Hardwood tends to last a longer time than most of the other options. If it gets scratched or damaged, it can usually be buffed and restained to bring it back to its formal beautiful state. It does need to be polished or cleaned with wood cleaner and polished to help it stay looking its best. Some people like the idea of the carpet but want hardwood floors. You can add a throw rug or a large decorative rug over the flooring to get the best of both.

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Laminate wood flooring

Laminate wood flooring is a good choice when your budget is small and you want the look of hardwood. With laminate flooring, it resembles hardwood but it doesn’t have the cost because it is much thinner and is not real wood. Laminate flooring comes in all different shades and a variety of sizes, so it can truly look like hardwood. If your budget is tight, looking at laminate is a good alternative to solid or engineered wood.

Floor and Carpet


Carpet is usually a cheap way to go when putting down flooring. I say usually because it depends on the carpet and the syles and the padding. But it is usually affordable. However, carpet needs to be replaced every few years or else it breaks down, looks bad and smells. If you suffer from allergies or have pets, carpet can be a tough choice because it takes a lot to maintain it.

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Most people think of tile flooring as the type of flooring that is used in kitchens and bathrooms. Sometimes the tile like flooring is a long roll that is rolled out and looks like tiles, or it could just be actual tiles. These look nice and can actually be used in any room. The problem is, a lot of people don’t like them in other rooms because it looks like the flooring is wrong in that room.

Flooring options that work for you

Depending on how your home is laid out, which rooms are the high traffic areas and the feel you are going for in that room will depend upon what flooring option you go for. Whether you opt for a uniformed approach with the same or similar flooring throughout. Or whether you mix and match depending on the room and who resides in it. It’s all about finding flooring options that work for you.

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