Family {Word of the Week} (ID 7354)

Family {Word of the Week}

May 30, 2014

With the children off school for half term it has been one of those rare weeks where both myself and Mr Boo have also managed to get the week off together. So this week we have had the opportunity to spend time as a family, reconnect and have some fun.

Mr Boo’s holiday weeks are a little odd as his working week is Saturday to Friday, which means he’ll be heading back to work tomorrow whilst the rest of us get an extra two days off (yay for us!). Unable to afford a full on holiday this year we have opted to take day trips to various places within East Anglia.

From meeting dinosaurs, to seeing what it was like to live in the workhouses, a step back in time and trip to a farm we have been pretty busy. Family life isn’t a bed of roses, it is something that can give us the warmest feeling in our hearts and frustrate us all at the same time. Like any family we have our ups and downs, but it’s how you get through them that makes you stronger (plus it gives you some funny memories to look back on).

With us finally managing to catch up and reconnect it only seems right that our word of the week is… Family

Family {Word of the Week} (ID 7354)

Family ~ noun

  • a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group

This week was more positive than last week’s Doubt, the chance to slow down and not fret about school runs, work or anything else has done me the world of good.

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