4 European Cities Worth Visiting This Year

4 European Cities Worth Visiting This Year

March 21, 2022


The Old Continent has some of the most unique places and structures, as the history spans thousands of years. Caesar and Augustus marched over the cobblestones of Rome, while the clattering of the slave’s chains followed the heavy breathing of horses pushing the wagons, the soil of Normandy soaked with the blood of Charlameing and his soldiers marching towards victory. Europe’s history makes its great cities remarkable, memorable, and astonishingly beautiful. 

Therefore, if you are planning a little trip around the Continent, we highly encourage you to visit these four European cities, due to their remarkable history and splendid structures. 

The Crown Jewel 

London, the financial and administrative capital of the UK, is one of the oldest European cities, and its beginning can be traced back to Roman times. Some of the most visited tourist attractions are Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Foreign tourists are also attracted by the London Eye, and its mesmerising view, the London Bridge, and the Natural History Museum, one of the oldest institutions with a rich history of scientific discoveries and progress. London’s rustic cobblestone streets with iconic London houses at each side of the street create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere.

London, for environmentally conscious people, is one of the “ Greenest Cities”, with more than 35% of green space covering the city. For lovers of entertainment, there is the Piccadilly Circus, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and the iconic Harrods Limited department store is known for its lavish Christmas decoration and looks. 

For lovers of crime and detective stories, you can arrange a little trip to the iconic Baker Street, the home of the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, and for lovers of literature, a little visit to Keats’s house can be easily set out, where Keats wrote “ Ode to a Nightingale”. The Royal Albert Hall is the host to some of the most extraordinary concerts and many other musical events. 

And do not break a sweat over the hospitality of Londoners as they are used to tourists and happily welcome them, with open arms.

The Venice of the North 

During the 17th to 19th century or a period known as the Dutch Golden Age, Amsterdam became a trade and financial centre with a worldwide reputation. It receives over 5 million tourists every year and is a favourite destination for many. If you happen to have some spare time, we highly recommend getting on to the next train and visiting the city of Bruges. 

The city can be home to Cinderella and Snowhite, has more canals and bridges than Amsterdam, and its tempting cobblestone streets and stone bridges make it an amazing experience. There are several Bruges tours from Amsterdam and it is only a day’s trip to go and come back, while you enjoy the food and people of this city. The city’s centre is currently the best-preserved Medieval city and has several million tourists over the years who come and visit it, therefore we highly encourage you to make the extra effort to visit this astonishing place. 

Once you are back in your hotel room in Amsterdam, make sure you can go visit the many museums, the national one, and the legendary Van Gogh museums. For lovers of nature, there are several parks and green districts around the capital; the residents are known for having a healthy lifestyle and you’ll see bikes wherever you turn your head.

Amsterdam is notorious for its nightlife, however, you can still have a nice and quiet dinner with your loved one, in some of the many restaurants available. 

4 European Cities Worth Visiting This Year

The city of love 

Paris has to make it on the list of must-see European cities, with an extraordinary reputation and some of the most mesmerizing views you’ll ever see in your life. The very foundations of this city go back to the first century BC, according to some evidence as to the location where the city now lays corresponds to some writings of Julius Caesar himself. The name itself refers to the original inhabitants of the city, the Parisii, a Gallic tribe from the Roman ages. 

Later in the 17th century, it became the cultural heart of Europe, a gastronomical, financial, political, and economic hub. In the early 20th century, it was home to some of the most iconic writers, and artistic minds to have ever lived. It became a favourite of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and the members of the “ Lost generation”, ex-patriots who chose Paris as their resting place after the Great War. 

Paris offers countless opportunities for lovers of art, fashion, and concierge. It is known for countless museums, theatres, and the Eiffel Tower, a perfect place if you are planning to propose. 


An unconventional choice European cities choice for many, yet Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, has a population of over a million and a half, and some of the most iconic cultural monuments in Europe. Set on two rivers, it has withstood several wars over the last several hundred years and has a flushing economy, an active nightlife and museums, theatres, and green spaces for lovers of jogging and running. 

It represents a perfect mixture of the new and old, the urban and historical as the old part of the city goes back to the 4th century, while traces and archaeological findings confirm human activity in the years 33 to 35 BC. It has a unique architecture, as it has been under Ottoman and Austrian rule in the last 500 hundred years, while currently in progress is “ Belgrade on Water”, an astonishing project giving the capital a modern look. 

You can visit the Botanic garden, the National Museum, the SANU academy, home to the InterCall elite of Serbia. It has unique restaurants, amazing people, and a rich heritage. 

We hope you’ll find the list of European cities to visit more than useful on your next trip, so have in mind at least one of these amazing places. 

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