Diary of a fussy eater – I don’t want that

March 3, 2015

The past week has been a difficult one with Tigger and his fussy eating. A mixture of not wanting what I have offered him for his breakfast/lunch/tea and then not eating what he has asked for.

On Thursday I offered him different choices of foods for his lunch, all things that I know he will eat… I don’t want that! was the reply I got from him. When I asked him what he did want I got this…

‘I really want something crunchy… what is crunchy… oh I know! Crisps!’

Cheeky monkey!

So I decided to try a new tactic and said that he could have some crisps if he ate one of the things I had suggested first. He wasn’t happy about it but he did it. So when I took him into pre-school on Friday I had a little chat with his key worker about his eating and asked if she could get the dinner ladies to encourage him to eat as much as possible. When it came time to pick him up I found out that he’d eaten all his lunch and gained a sticker for doing so.

That night I offered him some tea and again was met with the ‘I don’t want that!‘, so knowing that he had eaten his lunch I happily said ‘fine, then you can do without’. He looked at me to see if I was joking, which I wasn’t then came back to me five minutes later to say that he’d have something for tea that I’d already suggested.

Ruddy boy! 

Why do you have to be such a fussy eater?

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