Deck the halls with boughs of holly

December 31, 2013
(all together now)
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

With Christmas Day over and done with for another year and the end of 2013 fast approaching it has got me wondering about when is best to take down the Christmas decorations. Traditionally they should be down by the twelfth night, Epiphany on the 6th January, the day the three kings visited the baby Jesus.

Having said this there are some who believe that the decorations shouldn’t go up until 12 days before Christmas, however many people often chose to put them up sooner rather than later each year. The Boo Roo and Tigger Too household always put ours up on the 1st December each year, with me visiting my hospital ward on the first Monday in December to get the ward looking all festive for patients, visitors and staff.

I’ve sat looking at our decorations today and whilst they look lovely I can’t help thinking that with the with the last few hours of 2013 I should take them down, pop them away for another year and start 2014 with a clean (all be it bare) home ready to start the year as I mean to go on.

I decided to ask some of my fellow bloggers to see when they take their decorations down…

New Year’s Eve or the day before. Normally too hung over to do it new yrs day and biggest girl has a birthday in the second so all traces of Christmas goes before her day!

Normally we leave it up until 12th night, but to be honest this year with Christmas itself being a bit of a disaster I’m keen to take it down. Hubby wants to leave it up for the kids though so guessing it’ll be there until new year at least. 

I love Christmas but once it is over I like to get back to a sense of normality and thus it comes down 2nd January and I have a good clean and then I feel sad as it looks all bare and happy as it is all shiny! I’m a complex being. 

Already down! Crimbo is a huge anti climax -as soon as Boxing Day is done I pack everything away!

On the 6th of January is St. John in Romania and traditionally it is the finish of the celebrations in Romania.

New Years Day here, as OH goes back to work the next day, so the tedium of normality is upon us. That is also when I make kids find proper homes for their new toys, after letting them have them all in the lounge for a week to enjoy them. 

Usually I leave it until the last day of December, but it came down on Boxing Day this year, due to buying bookcases and needing a home for them!

We don’t do ours until the epiphany, 6th of January. Spanish background and all that jazz, the kings will arrive on the landing to bring gifts to baby Jesus and we will have a small gift each. 

Our tree goes down on Three Kings Day, which is 6th January. We don’t celebrate it, but it kind of ends the festive season if you look at religious background. It’s also what all my family in Germany do and it’s stuck with me. 

6th Jan, just cos that’s what we’ve always done. One year we forgot a bit of tinsel around a picture and so keeping with tradition it had to stay up all year! 

All at the very last second as I am a Yule nutter! /

Saturday!!! Because it was annoying me!! 

Usually about the 3rd or 4th of January. It’s Badgers (OH) birthday in the 7th so it all comes down before then!

I used to do it on 6th January but now T has his birthday on New Years Eve we take everything down on the 30th Dec and then put up any birthday decorations after he goes to bed so it’s done ready for the morning. Taking them down early means I have the perfect excuse for putting them up early without feeling silly too!

Definitely three Kings day – 6th Jan and on the 12th Day of Christmas! I need to keep Christmas going for the kids 

1st of the year to mark a brand new start

6th Jan – We like to keep it going for as long as possible as we are usually away visiting relatives, and this year it’s a New Year’s Eve party at ours so it will feel more festive too

Usually keep it up until 2nd Jan but taking it down on 30th Dec this year as it’s big & goes in store age for the year! Will keep garlands up till end of Jan for the kids.

Already planted it in the garden!

At least the new year as today’s my sons birthday (28th) 

On January 6th, as I like to make Christmas last as long as possible. I love it SO much (but I’m not desperate enough to have a tree up all year round!) 

A varied bunch of answers there, I can see the argument for both sides however, I think I’ll leave mine up until the 6th, Mr Boo is off looking after the kids whilst I’m at work that day so they can make a start and I can help when I get home.
So when do you take your Christmas decorations down?
Boo xxx

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