Dear Roo – The one where I tell you about loyalty

October 28, 2014

Dear Roo

As you go through your life you will learn many lessons, some you will learn from me, some you will learn at school and some that you will learn the hard way by yourself. One of those life lessons that I don’t want you to find out the hard way is about loyalty and fairness.

[box] Loyalty ~ noun

The quality of being loyal

Loyalties ~

Your feelings of support or duty towards someone or something[/box]

New customers only

Loyalty is something that you show to your friends, your family, and to the people you meet. So imagine your favourite pink iced bun that we sometimes get when we are in town. You go into the bakery to buy it and you see a sign saying ‘new customers offer: buy one get one free‘ however as you have bought pink iced buns from there before you aren’t able to get a free one – I would imagine you would be quite upset about this. The bakery is favouring new customers over loyal ones – not very fair is it?

Loyalty is rewarded

Now imagine if you went into that same bakery and they had a loyalty card that was stamped every time you bought a pink iced bun and on your say sixth visit you got one for free because you were a loyal customer – I imagine you’d be quite pleased about that. The bakery is showing loyalty towards the customers who have already supported their business – new customers have the opportunity to start a loyalty card and earn their free pink iced bun.

Natwest Hello/Goodbye campaign

Over the past few years the country has been working its way through tough times and many companies have forgotten their loyalties to the customers who have supported their businesses in the past. Instead of rewarding and holding on to those loyal customers they opted to tempt new customers with a range of deals and rewards that only they can gain. Natwest have realised that this is not the way to thank the customers who have been loyal, this is not the way to keep their loyal customers happy and this is not the way to make sure that their loyal customers continue to show their support. The new Natwest Hello/Goodbye campaign is about showing customers that they will be rewarding loyalty by offering amazing deals to them rather than just new customers only.

Take a look at this funny video from Natwest about how a good offer can be great, and how it feels when it is taken away as your are not a new customer…

Always remember that loyalty is something that should be rewarded, whether it is a free pink iced bun, a fabulous friendship or the best deals on the market.

Love you, Mummy xox

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in collaboration with BritMums and NatWest

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