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Creating a space utilising alternative materials

June 27, 2019

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When you are creating a space in your home that you love, you want to make it your own. You can create a warm welcoming space that features tradition materials or you can step outside the box and create a space with different materials and have something that is original, eclectic and completely you. 

Create a beautiful Floor

There are many types of floor ideas, and they all look great. There is carpet, hardwood floors, and even ceramic tiles. If you want to create something completely out of the box, try this alternative idea. Use brown paper bags or brown paper from a roll. Using polyurethane and strips of paper, you can create a unique look to your floors. You can even create a hardwood floor look by placing the paper into planking designs on the floor. The space between the paper will darken when it is coated, creating a hardwood floor appearance.

A cup of coffee sitting on top of a wooden table

Give the Kitchen a Concrete Style

When it comes to kitchens, the counters and islands are usually either a Formica or granite. Butcher block is also a popular look. While there are some higher end ideas, what if you want a gorgeous appearance that is something different completely. Consider a concrete kitchens countertop or island. A truly lovely look, concrete is poured into a mould to make the countertop or island, and then after it has set, it is polished to perfection. Stormer Kitchens knows how to bring the best looking style to your kitchen. Based in North West, Stormer Kitchens are a UK distributor of Stomer German kitchens. They offer many services and can cater to your budget as well as to the range of requirements you have to make your kitchen truly a place you want to be in. 

Windows as a Wall

Often times, there are people giving away old used windows that they have a window replacement. Use these windows to create a unique look to a room. Perfect for creating a dividing wall between spaces, use the windows as a divider. 

After you have created the home construction and remodelling part of the home, you can take the out of the box ideas into decorating your home as well. 

Take area rugs and hang them from the wall

Use it as a tapestry to make a bold and creative statement on the walls. It creates a textural art design that is very trendy at the moment. 

Coffee Table

Don’t settle for a traditional coffee table. Use a chest, like a treasure chest or a hope chest or a cedar chest. This gives you the benefits of a coffee table, the extra storage space and it makes a great conversation piece. 

Thinking outside the box can give you a unique space that you love and can be just what you need to let your design style shine. 

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