The weekend that Perry the Penguin came to stay #PerryOnTour

January 27, 2014

Costa Coffee #PerryOnTour

This weekend we have had extra weekend guest arrived, Perry the Penguin. Perry is the newest in-store product available in Costa Coffee, so get him familiar with the locals he came to spend the weekend.


Costa Coffee #PerryOnTour - Friday

He introduced himself by trying to sneak into Roo’s lunch bag, luckily he had brought a little note explaining who he was.

The school run can be a little chilly even for a penguin so I ended up having to loan him one of my gloves! Although he managed to get a nice warm hug at the school gates from Niamh’s Mum. Thankfully whilst Roo and Tigger were at school and I was at work Perry managed to behave himself, although Roo wasn’t keen on sharing her dessert with him after tea.

Sadly that evening I started to come down with a stinking cold, Perry however was the perfect gentleman and made me a warm drink and tucked me in for the night.


Costa Coffee #PerryOnTour - Saturday

Waking up and still feeling a little under the weather, Perry let me get some rest (although with all my sneezing I’m surprised anyone got any rest). After a snuggle with Lucy Bear I felt a little better, teddy bears have magical healing powers don’t you know!

After collecting a missed parcel from the sorting office it was time to head off into town. First stop… chips! Great Yarmouth staple diet is chips (you can tell that from the amount of chip stalls on our market place). After ‘Mum’s gone to Iceland’ and a quick visit ti Magic Nanny’s shop it was time to have a rest and grab a cuppa and say hi to all of Perry’s friends in our local Costa Coffee. The shopping seemed to have worn Tigger and Perry out as they managed to sleep all the way home.

Whilst catching up with some emails later on Perry decided to give me a helping hand, however his keyboard skills aren’t up to much.


Costa Coffee #PerryOnTour - Sunday

With us all feeling a little under the weather this morning we decided to have a pyjama day, starting off with some yummy Nutella on toast whilst watching Harry Potter.

An afternoon of Hama Beads followed with Perry making us a large heart (bless him), then before we knew it, it was time for the Sunday night bath ritual (my children are bathed throughout the week but Sunday night we all jump in before clean PJs and snuggling on the sofa before bed… best way to end a week). Anyway Perry seemed a little unsure of the bubbles so decided to join Thomas, Percy and James at Tidmouth Sheds whilst watching the bathtime fun unfold.

With Roo and Tigger safely tucked up in bed it was then soon time for Perry to go, I hope he comes back to visit us again soon.

Bye, bye Perry we’ll miss you!

If you liked seeing what Perry got up to whilst he visited Great Yarmouth then why not head over to Emmy’s Mummy or Mummy Mummy Mum to see what he got up to over there.


Disclosure: We received a selection of Perry the Penguin gingerbread biscuits FOC in order to showcase the weekend that Perry the Penguin came to stay

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