Make Every Day a Learning Experience {Part1}

May 10, 2019 76 Comments

The summer slump is when children are out of school for an extended amount of time and the things that they have learned at school get forgotten. It happens when children do not read everyday or practice other important skills that they have learned in school. By making summer a learning experience, kids can continue to learn all summer and not even realise they are still learning.

Dealing with teenage girls

May 2, 2019 3 Comments

Psychologists spend many hours talking with clients about how they should understand the hormonal changes and social horrors that teenage girls go through. People often try to be cool and understanding and use the verbiage they read about or see on television.

Best 2 wheeled scooters for kids

April 26, 2019 9 Comments

Kids love scooters. They love that it gives them a way to go fast and do tricks. Parents want to make sure the scooter it the right style and model for their kids. Here are two scooters that is an excellent choice when it comes to the best scooter for 8-year-old…

Feeling Parent Guilt? Here’s How to Fix it!

April 18, 2019 7 Comments

Countless parents around the globe struggle to fulfil their parenting responsibilities, and while that’s common and okay, the guilt that comes with it is not. If you too, are a parent, trying to raise your kid into a good, happy human being, and feel guilty for any possible reason, so much so that it is affecting you more than it should, here’s a bit of help.

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