It’s a common misconception that stay-at-home moms are less at risk of injury. Well, it’s not like they lie down all day watching TV. One thing’s for sure, they have responsibilities and most of these are not so easy to pull off.

From doing the laundry and making minor fixes to household problems, to shopping for groceries, moms have a lot on their plate on a day-to-day basis. Come to think of it, the situation becomes even more hectic if they are doing freelance work online.… View Post

Introducing the Thule Sleek

Introducing the Thule Sleek

Explore new places, discover new streets or simply collect your loved ones from kindergarten with Thule Sleek, the smart, safe and stylish new city stroller from Thule.

Lightweight, versatile and highly manoeuvrable – the four-wheel city stroller Thule Sleek is available in shops and department stores across Europe. Designed for the active urban parent, Thule Sleek offers ease of handling, superior comfort and versatility – ideal for tackling crowded areas, narrow streets, bumpy sidewalks and busy public transport.… View Post

A Social Network: Creating A Family-Friendly Gaming Experience

A Social Network: Creating A Family-Friendly Gaming Experience

As our children get older, they’re not so interested in the toy kitchen as a worthwhile Christmas present anymore, they go towards the dreaded video game. Now, if you’re a parent that’s a bit reticent towards the idea of your kids playing video games this is understandable. You may think that they will barricade themselves away in their room, playing violent games for hours, if not days on end. But, you could use your kids’ interest in video games to actually bond with them a bit more. And in fact, the whole family can get in on the act! Let’s find ways to create a family-friendly gaming experience.… View Post

From The Bookshelf // Wise(ish) Words for New …

From The Bookshelf // Wise(ish) Words for New Parents

The Wise(ish) Words for New Parents book from The Book of Everyone is the closest thing most new parents will receive to an instruction manual for their new bundle of joy.  The personalised book features a host of quirky drawings highlighting some of the ‘joys’ parenting offers you.  With space available for a nugget of advice on each double-page spread.  These can be prefilled with advice that has been suggested by the founders (who are parents) and their customers.  Or you can opt to add in your own personal gems of advice. … View Post

WIN TICKETS to The Baby Show at Olympia …

WIN TICKETS to The Baby Show at Olympia London 19th – 21st October 2018

This October get ready to enjoy and experience the UK’s top shopping event for new and expectant parents. The Baby Show, with MadeForMums, will be taking place from Friday 19th until Sunday 21st October at Olympia London. It is a must-attend event that gives visitors the opportunity to compare, try and buy – all under one roof!  … View Post

Choose The Right New School For Your Child …

Choose The Right New School For Your Child in 4 Steps

If your child is just reaching the school age (or if you are looking to move to a new neighbourhood), one of the most important considerations is finding the best school. Your child’s education is a building block to their future. Getting them into a quality school that can meet all of their needs (and yours) is a vital part of your responsibility to your child.… View Post

Parental Tips That Will Help You Negotiate the …

Parental Tips That Will Help You Negotiate the Motherhood Minefield

Being a parent in 2018 is a pretty tricky thing, and there are so many things we can worry about. Children are such delicate creatures, and they need to be looked after properly. The problem is, we are often spending so much of our time looking after the kids that we sometimes lose focus of what to expect when it comes to the world of sensible parenting. That’s why you need to be decisive and think hard about the decisions you’re going to make.… View Post

Tots + Tykes Hamper | Celebrating children’s brands {#SNSHamper}

Tots + Tykes Hamper | Celebrating children’s brands {#SNSHamper}

Some of you may recall me sharing a special Tots + Tykes hamper from Social Network Solutions last year.  Filled with an array of wonderful baby and children’s items including clothing, toys, accessories and food for the children.  So when I received an email a few months ago asking whether I’d like to receive another hamper this year – of course I said yes.… View Post