Food trends come and go, what’s popular one year might not be the next. But what should you be adding to your shopping list in 2018? Suttons, online gardening retailers and advocates of grow your own vegetables, investigates.… View Post

Autistic Spectrum Disorder – What is it and how …

Autistic Spectrum Disorder – What is it and how severe can it be?

As we understand more about autism and other developmental disorders, the jargon and labels change. What we once recognised as Asperger’s, for example, is now talked about under one heading – Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ASD.

For those working in the medical and education professions, as well as parents and caregivers, this can be confusing. With autism awareness courses available from NCC Home Learning, you can understand more about ASD, what it is and how severe it can be.… View Post

Self-Care Tips for the Working Mum

Self-Care Tips for the Working Mum

You come home exhausted from work and as soon as you walk in the door you are in constant demand to care for your children and tend to household chores. You love your family and your job, but when you feel burnt out there is no way you can be your best self at home or at work. In order to stay afloat and reduce your stress, you must recognise the ways in which you require self-care. Embrace necessary habits and routines of self-care so you can be a better mum, friend and employee.… View Post

Jakemans // Sore throat myth busters

Jakemans // Sore throat myth busters

Picture the scene, you’ve just woken up with a sore throat.  Do you think to yourself I need to pop to the pharmacy or supermarket to pick up some lozenges or do you ring your GP practice for an appointment?  I’d like to think that most of us would opt for the first opinion, however, recent research from Jakemans, the leading menthol confectionery brand has uncovered that we are turning to our doctors for harder solutions to treat a sore throat when over-the-counter remedies provide the answer.… View Post

3 Ways to Ensure You Have a Perfect Night’…

3 Ways to Ensure You Have a Perfect Night’s Sleep

Most people know when they’ve not had enough sleep after a night on the town or extra hours at work, but what they may not realise is that they are probably not getting adequate rest most of the time. If you often find yourself drowsy at the most inopportune times or going through the day with odd aches and pains, you are probably one of the millions who simply isn’t getting the amount or level of sleep required for health of mind and body. However, don’t worry. There are ways to ensure you get a perfect night’s sleep.… View Post

How best to care for a sore throat

How best to care for a sore throat

With the seasons changing and the weather starting to look decidedly cold, it is that time of year when most of us will be coming down with an ailment or two.  All of us are different and ailments will affect us in different ways.  Sore throats are my downfall, despite eventually having my tonsils taken out at eighteen after years of throat infections.  Being a busy mum of three I need to be able to soothe my sore throat to ensure that I am able to carry on family life.  Jakemans is my saving grace and always helps soothe my throat – whether I’m at home or on the move.… View Post

How long does it take to recover from …

How long does it take to recover from a traumatic brain injury?

When you suffer a head injury resulting in brain damage, there can be a number of effects, both physical and mental. These may be temporary or more lasting and patients may completely recover, or only partially regain the level of function they had before the accident.

Exactly how long recovery takes will depend on the nature and severity of the brain injury and the type and quality of medical treatment and rehabilitation care you receive.… View Post