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Calor BioLPG: Reduce your Carbon Footprint

June 10, 2020

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Calor BioLPG is a sustainable energy choice for the environmentally conscious and is compatible with all the appliances and products that run on conventional LPG.

If you are searching for a way to green up your home, or reduce the carbon footprint of your business, BioLPG delivers the same performance, without the environmental impact of traditional liquid petroleum gas. 

It’s important that all of us take the right steps and make greener choices, whether we’re a homeowner or a business. LPG is a highly versatile energy source with a wide range of applications, which makes it a favourable choice for both consumers and business sectors. 

It’s found in agriculture, the hotel and hospitality industry, in transportation, running boilers, ovens and furnaces of all shapes and sizes. It’s also widely used by campers, homeowners who live in remote locations and even hot air balloons. 

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What is Calor BioLPG?

Like many businesses today, Calor has put in place a strategy to become greener, reducing its impact on the environment. They aim to provide all renewable and sustainable products by 2040, transforming how their customers interact with the world at the same time. 

Calor BioLPG is a step towards this goal and is now being used by many businesses, not just across the UK and Europe but around the globe. Produced by Neste, one of the leading manufacturers of biofuels in the world, it is made entirely from sustainable materials, waste and residues using the latest energy-efficient production processes. 

If you’re worried that switching your LPG supply is going to impact your current boiler or heating system, the good news is that Calor BioLPG is chemically identical to ordinary LPG and you will see no reduction in performance or efficiency at all. 

The big difference is that you will immediately be able to promote a greener approach to your business or make your home more eco-friendly without compromising on efficiency. 

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What are the Benefits?

  • You can cut your energy carbon emissions by up to 15% once you replace your current LPG with Calor’s BioLPG. 
  • You don’t have to worry about changing appliances to work with BioLPG, as it works perfectly with all products that use liquid petroleum gas.
  • The raw materials for BioLPG are all sustainably sourced, which means you can be confident that your home or business is doing its best and contributing to a much greener planet. 
  • The delivery of Calor BioLPG is the same as for standard LPG, which means you’ll see no disruption to your delivery methods.

Making the Switch to Calor BioLPG

If you want to make the world a greener place, Calor is one of the industry leaders in creating eco-friendly fuels and should be top of your list of supply partners. Not only can they help your home and business with more sustainable practices, but they’ve also introduced convenience measures such as auto-ordering which means you get your gas when you need it. Switch LPG supplier today and begin making a difference to the planet.

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