But it wasn’t my fault…

April 10, 2013

Exactly one year to the day after passing my driving test I had a car crash, I was 6 1/2 months pregnant with Roo at the time. I can remember that day as though it was yesterday…

I’d just dropped off a printer for another team (I know a pregnant lady carrying a printer, naughty, naughty) and got back in my car. Reversed out of the parking space and heading up the car park, round the top bend and BANG! Another car had reversed into my car.

I jumped out in a panic, muttering oh my g*d! The driver appeared and suddenly caught sight of my expanding bump. She kept saying calm down which really annoyed me as she had just hit my car, how the hell was I supposed to be calm?

I hopped back in my car and dialed 999, where I was informed that as we were not on a public road there was no need for the police to attend. Then a change of events happened that to this day I still cannot believe. The lady asked me what I was doing and I explained I was calling 999, she said that there was no need for that and walked off. Whilst I was on the phone she came back over to my car threw her business card with her address written on the back. She then jumped into her car, and as she couldn’t go backwards (as my car was there) she drove off over the pavement.

Not only did she leave the scene of an accident but she left a pregnant lady stranded in a car park, not even bothering to see if I was unhurt. I explained this to the police control centre who was just as shocked as me. I hung up and called Mr Boo, luckily my car was still in a drive-able condition so I drove to his work to collect him before heading off to the hospital to get checked over.

Whilst at the hospital it was one of the midwives who mentioned contacting someone regarding accident claims. At the time I gave little thought to claiming against the driver for personal injury as I was just relived that all was OK with Roo and my insurance company was sorting out our car repairs. Looking back I do wish I had even claiming more thought, not for the possible financial gain but for a little piece of justice against the other driver leaving me alone, pregnant and not ensuring that I and my unborn baby were OK.

Would you claim if you were injured in an accident?

Boo xxx
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