Stop Overwhelming Your Team With Software

Stop Overwhelming Your Team With Software

May 21, 2024


The software that we use in the workplace can offer huge improvements, helping us better manage our workloads, and get more done quicker, while eliminating human error from the equation. However, if you’re introducing too much new software in the workplace, then you are quickly going to find your workers getting overwhelmed by all the tools they have to get used to. Here are a few key tips on how you can prevent this from happening.

Be sure to train them

First and foremost, you want to make sure that members of the team aren’t falling behind the pace of evolution. When you’re bringing in new software, some are going to be able to adopt it more easily than others. For those who don’t, you might want to invest in some training, or even have them work with those who are the early adopters. Turning those tech-savvy teammates into software mentors can help your team much more quickly get to grasp the tools on hand.

Stop Overwhelming Your Team With Software

Choose software that lightens the load

When you’re adding software, you shouldn’t be adding more work for your employees to do. You should be doing the opposite. Aside from tools that streamline their existing workloads, you should also look at those that actively take work off of their plates. Automating your business not only frees your employees to work on stuff that’s a lot more engaging and deserving of their brain power, but it’s another way to mitigate the impact of human error, having machines taking care of the nitty-gritty for you.

Transition to more comprehensive tools

One of the common issues with the software load that your employees have to deal with is that they might have a whole host of tools they have to use for different purposes. Being able to find the software packages and suites that can tie those tools into one cohesive package can help a lot. Look at options like the MYOB to Xero conversion cost to see if you can budget for the kind of migration that makes your tech setup a lot more organized and centralized. Either that or consider how many of those disparate tools you really need to be paying for.

Stop Overwhelming Your Team With Software

Work with the employees’ feedback

Of course, while you might want to look at the various ways you can help employees get to better grips with the software that you offer them, you should also take into account what complaints or issues they have. Implement a feedback system that allows them to be frank about the difficulties they find with the software. If a lot of people are sharing the same complaints, it’s not likely that it’s because they’re individually not gelling with the software, but that the software really isn’t working to their needs and might have to be reconsidered.

Any future software additions have to be done with care, ensuring that they’re subtracting from your employees’ workload, rather than adding to it. The tips above can help you ensure that this is the case.

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