32 Reasons You know when you’ve watched too much Peppa Pig

September 28, 2017

I have a love/hate relationship with Peppa Pig. All three of my children have loved watching the episodes, and we are in the midst of it with Piglet enjoying the different adventures. There is something about that little Pig and her family that seems to draw the children in. Whether it is the bright and bold colours, the adventures and mishaps they get into or the catchy songs that are incorporated into each episode.

On the other hand, I look at the behaviour of Peppa, her family and those around her and am appalled that this is something I allow my children to watch. Peppa is a spoilt brat, George cries whenever he gets is own way, everyone is mean to Daddy Pig about his weight… I could go on. 

Still, it is something that I can’t escape and it appears that I’m not the one. I asked ‘You know when you’ve watched too much Peppa Pig…’ to my fellow bloggers and this is what they came back with…

32 Reasons You know when you’ve watched too much Peppa Pig…

  1. When you know the Mr. Potato song by heart and sing it often even when the kids aren’t around. Jacintaz3.co.uk
  2. When you start jokingly calling your husband Daddy Pig Www.captainbobcat.com
  3. When you find yourself wanting to jump in muddy puddles and you don’t have the kids with you!! (Yes we do this!) lol countryheartandhome.com
  4. Shallamacookee becomes a makeshift swear word www.readyfreddiego.com
  5. Your daughter snorts like a pig when it comes on www.mehimthedogandababy.com
  6. When the theme tune gives you hives Www.weforgotthesperm.com
  7. When you can’t see a puddle without singing the muddle puddle song! “Splish, Splash, Splosh, Splish Splaaaaash!www.emilyandindiana.com
  8. When you are in adult company and you find yourself relaying to them a hilarious episode of Peppa you watched that day www.mummyandmoose.co.uk
  9. When your child communicates in snorts www.wavetomummy.com
  10. when you permanently hum dun dun dun dun dun – duh duh duh duh dun www.somewhereaftertherainbow.co.uk
  11. When you see someone tweet that they’re off to see Queen and you automatically assume they’re singing the Peppa Pig episode when actually they’re going to a Queen concert www.thesmallestofthings.com
  12. When asked “how long will dinner be”, you say “it will take as long as it takes!” (in the voice of Mr. Bull) www.bridiebythesea.com
  13. Every time we go past roadworks, the kids yell “Let’s Dig Up The Road!www.hexmumblog.com
  14. When you realise that you are actually married to Daddy Pig, your youngest is obsessed with Dinosaurs and his favourite word (apart from ‘Dinosaur’) is ‘no’. AND your girls are ‘proper little madams’!! I AM MUMMY PIG Luckily, I have now recovered as youngest is 6 but this still brings back strong memories!! Buzymum.com
  15. When you can’t get the “bing bong” song out of your head for days!!!! www.suburban-mum.com
  16. When you’re watching on demand and say “ooh put this one on, I like this one!AllThingsSpliced.co.uk
  17. Your kids from Shropshire say sand carrrrstles when we actually say castles 
  18. When you snort to amuse the children or fall onto your back to laugh cupoftoast.co.uk
  19. When your husband starts saying he’s an ‘expert’ at everything! www.lyliarose.com/blog
  20. When you never just see a sheep anymore – it’s always Susie sheep. Same goes for Danny dog, Candy Cat etc. And when your fish is called Goldie mothergeek.co.uk
  21. When you’re talking to the boy and call him Mr. followed by ‘Mr. Potato’ in your best Mr. Potato accent www.3princessesand1dude.co.uk
  22. When you are contemplating going on holiday “in a camper van” www.scandimummy.com
  23. When you realise your child’s imaginary friend has been conjured up from one of the episodes! Also, I start to feel a bit sorry for poor old daddy pig! He gets bullied by his kids! Scrapbookblog.co.uk
  24. When you and your husband find yourselves discussing your favourite episodes and the kids aren’t even around! www.thebestversionofkelly.com
  25. Your kids approach anyone who is slightly overweight and say “You’ve got a big fat tummy like Daddy Pig!” Soooo awkward!!!! www.fivelittledoves.com
  26. When you find yourself buying the “mummy pig” and “daddy pig” pj’s as parents… www.mummyandlissblog.com
  27. When you believe that the only place that annoying little pig belongs is in your bacon sandwich! 
  28. When your child develops a serious attitude problem and you ban it from the house www.mummascribbles.com
  29. When you tell everyone “If you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots” even to adults
  30. When you use Peppa Pig as examples to get your child to behave etc. kaidenlaverty.com
  31. Your daughter starts following the words ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy with Pig… www.readaraptor.co.uk/hatchling
  32. When you can’t say the word “pig” without following it up with a snort oddhogg.com

So my question to you is…

How do you know have watched too much Peppa Pig?

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