Advent calendar ideas that are a little different

Advent calendar ideas that are a little different

November 2, 2021

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It is a really popular tradition to have an advent calendar that you begin on December the 1st. Some think it is just for children however many adults love the opportunity for an advent calendar and a nice little surprise each morning. Traditionally it might have been the chocolate advent calendar you had, where each day you opened up a door and there was a nice little chocolate treat. But things have moved on, and there are so many other thighs you could do. Here are some of the best advent calendar ideas that are a little different. 

Advent calendar ideas for the children 

Children love an advent calendar. It is a nice and easy way for them to count down to the big day and when Father Christmas will be making a visit. But, if you want to step away from the traditional chocolate advent you might buy in the shop, here are a couple of other suggestions that you might want to try. 

A toy advent calendar 

A great option is to consider a toy advent calendar and there are so many now to choose from. You can find that there are toy advent calendars that will suit a theme or specific TV show or characters that your child may like. Playmobil also does great advent calendars especially a Christmas-themed one, where you can collect little things each day and build up a display that they can then play with. Another option is a playdough advent calendar or ones specific to younger children whereas here as a parent you might not want them to have sweets or chocolates. A toy advent can be so exciting for your little ones. 

A book advent calendar 

Another option to think about would be a book advent calendar. There are two ways you can do this. You can buy one where there will be small books in a pocket each day ready for your little one. Or you could look at buying some Christmas books either searching in charity shops or buying them over the course of the year, and then wrapping them individually and numbering them for your little ones. It is a nice way to have some reading time with your child before bed. 

Create your own with sweets and chocolate 

If you still want to give your child a sweet treat then instead of buying one you can create your own with sweets and chocolates. You could buy ornaments with little doors or a fabric advent calendar that you hang up and re-use each year. 

Advent calendar ideas for the adults 

As adults, we don’t want to have to miss out on all the fun. So there are a few options that you might want to consider for yourself this year. 

A boozy advent calendar

Many people love an alcoholic beverage at Christmas, and now you can get advent calendars dedicated to your favourite drinks. There are wine advents, prosecco, and even gin advent calendars that you could have – or how about a BrewDog Advent Calendar?. This is a lovely way to build up a little collection to enjoy over the Christmas period. 

A beauty calendar

One advent calendar that has massively grown in popularity recently is a beauty calendar. There are some incredible ones that have over £500 worth of products in them, and companies like Liberty London and The White Company are always hugely popular. You can get more budget-friendly ones such as the Cath Kidston Beauty Advent Calendar that still work out worthwhile, ones specific to skincare or makeup. The options are endless and you are bound to find a beauty calendar that you will love. It is a good idea to buy these early as the best-selling ones can sell out very fast and as early as October. 

Other options you might not be aware of 

There are also other advents that you can consider such as healthy treats and even socks. A quick look online will highlight some of the more unique options to consider. 

General advent calendar ideas that will work for anyone

Lastly, there are other advent calendars that could work well for children, adults, or as a family advent. Here are some of the suggestions that you might want to try. 

Advent calendar ideas that are a little different

A random acts of kindness calendar

If you have your own advent then instead of filling it with chocolate you could fill it with random acts of kindness suggestions. It might be things like donating to a food bank or litter picking. Search online for some ideas to fill yours. 

A reverse advent calendar

A reverse advent calendar is usually done in November, but you could do it in December if you wanted. Each day instead of taking something you put something into a box such as a food staple or toiletries. You can then donate your box of goodies at the end of the month to your local homeless shelter or food bank. 

Things to do for the whole family 

Finally, fill your own advent days with things to do as a family. A sleepover in the living room, a movie night, or even an afternoon baking. Take time to plan your activities so that they fit on relevant days etc. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of ideas for advent calendars this year.

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