A night out with girls with Bonprix

This weekend myself and the ladies I work with are heading out for a posh meal and a few drinks, however I have nothing to wear. Whenever you have a night out most people will look in their wardrobe and say they have nothing to wear but on this occasion I really do have nothing to wear. I tend to dress quite casual so the prospect of having to wear something a little more dressier than usual is both exciting and daunting.

Earlier this year I had a fabulous style session at Britmums Live where I was told that I needed to make the most of my waistline and that tea dresses would flatter my larger lower body. Bonprix recently contacted me and asked whether I’d like to select an outfit from their website so I went off in search for something I could wear this weekend.

A night out with girls with Bonprix
With a good selection of dresses to choose from I was a little unsure what to choose, however with my love of polka dot I spotted (see what I did there?) the sleeveless polka dot tea dress and knew that was the one for me. Teamed with a little clutch to hold my mobile, money and keys (I’m safe ride home driver as I don’t drink) and some epic heels which I’m hoping I can keep on all night.
What do you think?
Do you think I will pass for posh for just one night?
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I received an outfit from Bonprix FOC for the purpose of this post.

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