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7 Reasons why you need travel insurance

August 11, 2020

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If you’re planning to buy travel insurance, it is essential to know what it specifically covers. How does travel insurance benefit you while you are away on holiday? What are the risks that your travel insurance can cover? Here are seven reasons why you need travel insurance.

Get covered in case of emergencies

If you are off on holiday and set to travel abroad, and your itinerary is jam-packed with lots of activities, or you are off to sightsee some remarkable tourist spots, then you must have at least an insurance to cover for you in case you get caught in an accident. Of course, no one wants to fall ill while travelling, but getting travel insurance that has you covered can save you the hassle that can be brought about by your adventure. 

A report conducted by the Association of British Travel Agents provided that the medical expenses and repatriation can cost as much as £768,000 for a patient who has suffered a stroke while abroad, and £81,000 for a patient who suffered pancreatitis in Greece. 

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Enjoy a safer holiday

When applying for a health insurance plan, you may want to look at your medical records and trace your medical records. It is necessary to disclose your pre-existing medical conditions. Otherwise, it can result in your travel insurance invalidated. Declaring your pre-existing medical conditions ensures what possible emergencies you may get caught in during your travel. So to prevent repercussions and to mitigate the risk, it is necessary to declare all pre-existing health and medical conditions for the insurance company to better gauge the possibility of the worsening of your health. 

Travel without excess burden

Many travel insurance plans also cover the amount suffered by the individual in case his or her baggage, luggage, personal belongings, and other valuables in case of accidental loss, theft or damage. In case these occur during your journey, you can be more at ease knowing that your insurance plan got you covered. 

Reduce the financial burden

However, insurance may be much more expensive if you do have pre-existing medical conditions. In some instances, it may also be harder to look for the right and competent insurance that covers your particular health conditions and issues. But if you do manage to find the appropriate and more qualified insurance, then it would be such a relief to travel. Many Travel Insurance companies offer medical examinations and screening to assess your pre-existing medical condition, and some may even have specific terms and conditions different from the usual.

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Be on time!

When you pay for travel insurance, you also pay to have your flights be on time. Some travel insurance plans also got you covered in case your flight gets delayed. Globelink Travel Insurance Policy provides that in case of inclement weather or an accident involving technical or mechanical breakdown, it will pay you the corresponding amount indicated in the plan. 

No need to worry in case of repatriation 

If in case the travel abroad ends up having the patient repatriated, travel insurance usually covers repatriation home instead of health insurance. 

Optimal healthcare

Residents of the European Union enjoy certain health privileges with their European Health Insurance Card. It provides treatment so long as your travels are within the European Economic Area. These services, however, may be limited. Travel insurance, on the other hand, can cover your private medical and repatriation costs and additional medical assistance and support on your journey home.

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