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5 Family-Friendly Tech Upgrades for Your Patio

May 14, 2019

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Your patio is your own personal oasis and should be a space the whole family can enjoy. If get-togethers are important to you, your outdoor area may be in need of a revamp and refresh. Technology is something we expect to find inside the home … but what about the outside?

The right tech upgrades can dramatically improve the appeal of your patio. Here are a few of our favourites to consider.

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1. Music for Every Occasion

Music is meant to be enjoyed, and will instantly add ambiance to your event, but unsightly speaker wires can distract from the overall aesthetic. Give yourself the option to play your tunes anytime and anywhere by choosing a speaker that is waterproof and portable. Alternatively, you can mount your speakers for a more permanent option.

2. The Big Screen TV

After getting the audio set up, go one step further and bring that ball game or music video to the outdoors with a smart TV. Worried about the elements? Some brands offer weatherproof options, or you can use a protective cover to ensure your TV is safe. Imagine sitting back with your friends and family, enjoying a Sunday lunch in the sun complete with on-screen entertainment — your home will certainly be the place to be with this tech upgrade which can be mounted to the wall.

3. Beat the Weather with Electronic Patio Screens

One thing that can ruin a peaceful time under the patio is the weather. Electronic screens are the answer, as you can pick and choose when to use them. Lower the blinds when the sun is too bright, or to protect your family from the wind or rain. You can even go halfway, to allow the right amount of sunshine to come through. Plus, blinds will stop any bugs from getting in, and all it takes is a push of a button.

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4. Security Camera Systems for Peace of Mind

Security camera system technology has come a long way, and more advanced models will capture clear, crisp, high-resolution footage. This can help protect your property — as well as your new tech additions — by keeping an eye on your patio and other areas of your home, day or night.

5. The High-Tech Hot Tub

Waterfalls, light shows and apps are all features you will find in a high-tech hot tub. This is an investment which will get plenty of use, and become a beloved feature of your backyard. These hot tubs feature powerful speakers, Bluetooth connectivity and remote monitoring, just to name a few perks. Whether you’re looking for a spa that can fit in a smaller space or need a party size to fit more family and friends, there is an option perfect for your patio. Your muscles will thank you for it, and the experience will be enhanced with the use of innovative technology.

Your patio doesn’t have to be a traditional outdoor area with a glass table and four chairs. It can be an extension of your indoor space and the possibilities are endless. Want to watch TV with your friends? Listen to music as your kids practice their dance moves? Or jump in the hot tub with advanced features accessible from your smartphone? Whatever your entertaining style, tech upgrades can make it that much better.

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