World Tetris Day

June 6, 2019

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Can you recall playing Tetris when you were younger? I have to admit to being an avid fan of the game on my Nintendo GameBoy – and I was very good at the game if I do say so myself. Today is World Tetris Day (yes there is such a day), with today marking the 35th birthday of Tetris!

To celebrate the wonderful game of Tetris, I’m asking you to put down your Nintendo GameBoys and take a look at two fab games from John Adams’. Both of which you can enjoy as a family, making Tetris a family affair.

Tetris Dual

A close up of a purple box on a table
An orange box on a table

The quick-thinking head-to-head, tabletop strategy game based on the original Tetris, which celebrates its 35th Anniversary this year. Tetris Dual sees players aim to create the Tetrimino shapes displayed on the LCD screen by dropping them into the play grid. Score points by placing a shape next to one of your own colour, completing a full row and cleverly blocking your opponent!

Available to buy from Amazon and all other good toy retailers.

What’s included with the Tetris Dual?

  • Base unit with 2x LCD screens and control buttons
  • Clear plastic play grid (matrix) with row count slider
  • Light-up tower block
  • Purple tower block
  • 50 Tetriminos in 2 colours – 25 blue and 25 orange
  • Instruction sheet
Tetris and Player

How to play Tetris Dual

Players take turns to drop the geometric Tetrimino shapes, which are displayed on their LCD screen, into the matrix. Score points by placing a piece next to one of your own colour, but score more points by completing a full row of the matrix.

  • Game 1 SPEED – with only 60 seconds to complete each turn. Lose points if the timer runs out before you complete your go
  • Game 2 COUNTDOWN – With a running countdown timer, score bonus points if you complete the game with the most time remaining.

A fun way to play a head to head version of Tetris, with two different games available. It is worth noting that once assembled the base unit will no longer fit into the box so it is a game that you will have out on display.

Tetris Speed

A stack of flyers on a table

Test your speed and reaction with Tetris Speed – the fast action card game! Each card shows the NEXT Tetrimino shape to be played, so players must race to play a matching card from their hand… but take your eyes off the cards and you may miss your chance.

Available to buy from Amazon and all other good toy retailers.

What’s included in the Tetris Speed card game?

  • 49x White-backed TETRIMINO cards
  • 35x Purple-backed TETRIMINO cards
  • 4x Instruction cards
A person sitting at a table with a birthday cake

How to play Tetris Speed

Aim of the game: In this fast and furious card game, race to play all your Tetriminos before your opponents can play theirs. For 2 to 4 players: Use only the white-backed Tetrimino cardsFor 5 to 8 players: Use both the white-backed and purple-backed Tetrimino cards

Shuffle the cards

Take one card and place it face up within reach of all players

Deal out all the remaining cards, face down, as evenly as possible between the players

When everybody is ready, play starts with all the players looking at their Tetrimino cards

There are no turns in this game, it’s a fast and furious race to lay your cards as quickly as possible

Play a Tetrimino card from your hand which matched the NEXT Tetrimino shown on the previously laid card

All players are trying to play their Tetriminos at the same time, so taking your eye off the cards for too long means you could miss your chance.

Players can lay two or more cards in quick succession, provided they are quick enough and each card played matches the NEXT Tetrimino shown on the previous card

Players can be strategic and take time to order their cards to form a run of Tetriminos ready to play, but don’t forget that will use time while other players are laying their cards.

If no player has a Tetrimino card in their hand which matches the NEXT to be played, take the bottom card from the stack of played cards and place it on top

The winner is the first player to successfully lay all the cards they are holding. As soon as a player plays their final card, they should call out ‘TETRIS’

This is a fast paced family game which can be played at home, in the car or taken with you on your travels.

Tetris a family gaming affair

I have to confess to thinking that the Tetris Dual game would be the highlight of family gaming night. However, it was the Tetris Speed card game that stole the show. Whilst Tetris Dual is a great way to play a similar game to the original Tetris computer game. Strategy is needed and a smidgen of logic thrown in for good measure. However, the Tetris Speed game is fast paced, full of fun and takes a Tetris twist to the classic game of snap. It’s one that we found VERY competitive.

Win a Tetris gaming bundle

To celebrate World Tetris Day, we are lucky enough to have a Tetris gaming bundle to giveaway to one reader.

Prize: Tetris Dual and Tetris Speed

To enter simply complete the Gleam widget below, all entries are optional and each one completed will gain you more entries into the random draw.

World Tetris Day Bundle

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