A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

The kitchen design trend that keeps on giving: white gloss

April 12, 2017

Kitchen styles have changed considerably over the past few decades. Remember the retro bold colours of the 1970s? If it’s a thought that makes you shudder you’ll be pleased to learn that the white gloss kitchen is here to stay. The white gloss kitchen is on trend; it’s an iconic modern style that keeps on giving.

Kitchen designers up and down the country are delighted with the current trends. White gloss kitchen cabinetry is a joy to work with and gives the designer so much scope. From all white minimalist kitchens to contemporary kitchen spaces with splashes of colour and texture, white gloss cabinets bring a sense of uniformity and order to the home. Kitchen designers obviously want to wow and white gloss kitchens do just that.

The kitchen design trend that keeps on giving: white gloss

If you are considering a kitchen remodel and fancy a white gloss style, you’ll be making a great investment. Here are 10 fabulous reasons why white gloss kitchens will most definitely stand the test of time.

A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

A haven from chaos

Minimalist living has become much more of a desirable theme in recent years. The busyness of modern living is being rebalanced in the home. A sleek and calm aesthetic is providing a haven from hectic modern life, and in the kitchen that is being realised with white gloss cabinetry, worktops, floors and even walls. Life’s not about to slow down, so our kitchens need to keep on providing us with a perfect white gloss sanctuary.

The perfect complement to practically any colour

If the cool clinical all-white look isn’t for you, don’t rule out a white gloss kitchen. White gloss is the perfect accompaniment for splashes of colour. From vibrant orange to dramatic black, white teams brilliantly to create an interesting contrast. Don’t go over the top. Stick to a couple of key components to let your colour statement sing out.

A kitchen with a table in a room

The perfect accompaniment to practically any material

Sleek white gloss cabinets lend themselves to match practically any other finish. It’s easy to combine white cabinets with islands or cabinets in another finish (lacquered wood opposite white gloss looks great). It’s a sure way to warm up the kitchen space if you aren’t keen on an all-white style.

White gloss cabinets look magnificent against the woodwork, bare brick walls and slate floors. It’s a timeless pairing that will make a style statement for years to come.

White gloss kitchens are very amenable to style makeovers

Changing wall colours and accessories, and even flooring is a far less costly style turn around further down the line. White gloss kitchens are so timeless and versatile, they can be matched with practically any style. They are the kitchen that keeps on giving.

The perfect backdrop for eye-catching features

Fabulous artwork, stunning wallpaper prints or magnificent tiled splashbacks around the cooker and sink will turn a stark white space into a striking designer kitchen. A white gloss kitchen is a perfect backdrop for showstoppers. Lighting is another design aspect that allows your white gloss kitchen to shine.

A kitchen with a table and chairs

It doesn’t have to be contemporary

When we think white gloss kitchens, we generally fast forward to a vision of a modern minimalist style. Don’t be blinkered in your vision. Country-style kitchens can be updated with white gloss cabinetry. Matched with stainless steel handles, hardy antique porcelain sinks and displays of fresh foliage, the country kitchen breathes new life and gives a nod to modernity.

The white gloss country kitchen is a delicate style that proves white gloss doesn’t have to be contemporary. It’ll stand the test of time just as well as a modern version of the high gloss white kitchen will.

We love practical

Handless, minimalist kitchens in white gloss can make the most of the space. Sleek wall units effortlessly hide a complex bank of organised storage space. Now that’s a kitchen that keeps on giving.

Reflector of light

White gloss kitchens are renowned for being great reflectors of light. They look fabulous in large and small spaces but are especially useful for brightening up a small, dark kitchen. If logistics allow, adding a skylight window to a dark kitchen will make the small space feel airy and bright.

A large room

A picture frame for the garden

With many kitchens adding bi-fold doors to make use of outdoor space in the spring and summer, nothing makes the garden look greener and more beautiful than a glossy white frame. Who would want to change that?

So easy to keep clean

You’d be forgiven for thinking a white gloss kitchen must be a nightmare to keep clean. Think again. They are so easy to clean with a damp e-cloth that any spillages get mopped up at once. Dirt may show up more easily, but it’s so easily wiped down, the kitchen doesn’t end up taking hours of scrubbing. White gloss kitchens are durable too, so it’s no wonder they are staying on the style radar.

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