A vase of flowers sitting on a ledge in front of a window

When to Repair and When to Replace Old Windows?

December 20, 2016

Repair projects tend to cost less than windows replacement renovations, but at the same time they not always can help you get rid of problems. Below you can find the most common signs of bad windows that require maintenance and some information of whether you should replace your windows or some minor repair can save the situation.

A vase of flowers sitting on a ledge in front of a window

Rotting Wood

If your windows show signs of rotting wood, such as rotten frames, sashes or dividers, and water leaks become visible then it is time to act. In this case windows, repair price will depend on the scope of the problem. Minor issues can be patched for as low as $25, while major projects, such as sashes removal, will cost around $300 for a unit. This is why Brampton Windows replacement company called Euroseal professionals advise repairing spotty damages but not postpone replacement for a long time because this process is unstoppable.

Broken Panes

If your panes have cracked scratched or chipped then you also need to consider some maintenance. In any case, you will most likely require glass replacement, have to pay a handyman for his or her job, and frequently replace the sash. So in any case, according to Richmond Hill windows experts, you will have to replace old units. So if you are low on budget, simply use cheaper aluminum or vinyl windows to get the job done, but replace the older units.

Broken Seals

Foggy seals are vivid if you see streaks or foggy condensation between double or triple panes.

Unfortunately, if a seal is broken in windows it will be hard to save the pane. Some companies offer repairs and promise that everything will be perfect, but online reviews do not prove this option to work efficiently. So, in this case, Richmond Hill windows companies advise replacement, but not of a whole unit, only of a sash and a pane. In this way, you will pay from $40 to $250.

Cranky Windows

Cranky windows are the worst to withstand because they are impossible to operate. In such cases, Richmond Hill windows experts advise repairing everything you can because the price of repair project will be from $50 to $70, while replacement starts from only $150. But in case you cannot find the needed parts to repair your cranky windows, you will have to replace the whole unit.

Be very careful with windows and houses made before 1980, because paint from those times may include toxic lead which must be removed only by professionals.

Drafty Windows

And the last most common problem with windows happens if the units let air inside of the house through gaps in sashes, dividers, and frames.

According to Richmond Hill windows companies, classy repair work of this problem will cost only $1.75 for a tube of painter’s caulk in order to seal gaps. To repair weather-stripping or replace a sash you will have to pay as much as $40-$250.

Drafty windows must be repaired even if you plan to reinstall them all. Make sure to close all water and air leaks before installing new units.

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