A toy truck

What can you use LEGO compatible Sticky Brick Tape for?

October 13, 2017

Looking around my house I think there is possibly only the bathrooms and Piglet’s bedroom that doesn’t contain any resemblance of brick building activity. I blame Mr. Boo who has a case of Peter Pan syndrome when it comes to LEGO – which isn’t a bad thing as the children love sitting down with him and creating new models.

When it comes to brick building what happens to the models once they are built? Do you destroy and put away for another day? (Tigger’s idea of a nightmare!) or pop them up on the shelf for display, brought down to play with then popped back up on the shelf for safekeeping? Personally, we shelves and shelves dedicated to LEGO builds which house Tigger and Mr. Boo’s creations. Minifigures is always the part that we have issues with as they are easily knocked over by excitable kids runs and bouncing on the floors, knocking into the shelving units and well, I’m convinced they lay down of their own accord. A base plate seems the obvious solution but these are a) expensive and b) don’t really fit well on the shelves.

The revelation of Sticky Brick Tape has taken the market by storm and suddenly LEGO fans are looking at ways they can use the LEGO-compatible Sticky Brick Tape around the home for storage needs, fun accessories and cool ways of displaying models.

A toy truck

How to use Sticky Brick Tape in three easy steps

  1. Snip your tape 
  2. Stick the adhesive tape to any surface of your choice
  3. Let the building commence

What can you use LEGO compatible Sticky Brick Tape for?

Easy Homemade LEGO Coasters – Enabling you to continue your brick building even when it is time for a well-earned cuppa.

Displaying masterpieces – so you’ve built your latest masterpiece, are you going to leave on the shelf? No, you’re going to hang that rocket from the ceiling!

Jazz up furniture – Let’s face it furniture is boring especially when you are a child so add some sticky brick tape to bring it life

Charging cable tidy – Add a strip to the edge of bookcase, cabinet or desk (wherever you keep your charging cables), pop on your favourite minifigure and hook the charging cable into their hand. No more fishing down the side of the unit to find your cables.

Update photo frames – Showcase your favourite family photo, or a souvenir photo from a holiday before adding sticky brick tape around the edge to give it a fun and funky feel – Plus you could add your favourite minifigures or a brick design too.

Key storage rack – Never lose your keys again (well we can all hope) – Adding a segment of tape to the architrave by the front/back door and attaching a block keyring to your keys allows you to hang up your keys as you come home.

Sticky Brick Tape // Giveaway

To help you incorporate Sticky Brick Tape within your home (I’d love for you to share your creative ways to use it), Boo Roo and Tigger Too have teamed up with Sticky Brick Tape to offer you a chance to win a bundle.


Disclosure: We received a bundle of Sticky Brick Tape FOC for the purpose of review

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