Ways to Make Extra Money to Recover From the Holidays

December 29, 2019

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With the holiday season in full swing, many people are already finished with their shopping. However, for some, the holidays can pile on added stress. If you’re tight on funds, there are many ways to bring in some extra cash to pay off this year’s purchases —  and maybe even start planning for next year.

Sell Handmade Goods

This time of year, many people are in search of handmade gifts for family members. If your talents are knitting, crocheting or making crafts, sell them. You can set up a tent at a street fair or a booth at your local mall. A 10×10 canopy with your name and logo will attract attention and help you acquire future sales throughout the year for other upcoming holidays.

Have a Yard Sale

A great way to earn a bit of extra cash is to have a yard sale in your neighbourhood. Go through the items you no longer want or need, and that are still in good condition, and pick a date. You can post flyers around town and then organize your items neatly to make your selection of merchandise easy to view. Big sellers at yard sales include furniture, clothing, books, paintings and vintage collectables.

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Bake Cookies

One way to free up monies for the holidays is to spend less. You can find reasonably priced seasonal tins of goodies at many stores, and this time of year you might even find them on sale. However, they are still more expensive than homemade. Bake sweet treats for co-workers, family and friends and package them in these beautiful containers. You can make cookies, brownies and adorable edible ornaments. Ask the kids to help and you’ll make memories too.

Sign up to Make Deliveries

Older people have trouble getting around, and still, need to food shop and buy gifts for the holidays. Offer your services one or two days a week to shop and deliver, or simply pick up their groceries and gifts. Check with your local stores to see if they need any new drivers.

Freelance Writing

The internet offers a wonderful way to make money writing. There are companies in dire need of writers throughout the year. Do a search of the legitimate companies and submit a sample of your writing. Some of the gigs can pay £50 or more for a single article depending on your abilities. Any special knowledge areas, like medical or legal expertise, can net you even more.

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Cut back on Your Expenses

If you normally eat out a few times during the month, hold off until after the holidays. Do the same with ordering lunch out and your coffee on the way to the office. Cutting back in just these few areas can free up hundreds of dollars that you can use towards buying gifts and your holiday dinner.

Assemble Products

If you’re the go-to person in your family for putting items together, why not get paid to do it? Apps such as TaskRabbit provides a list of the local people who sign up to assemble products. This time of year, especially, people are short on time and need extra help. Sign up for it and you can make money each day. 

Cash in Your Change

If you have a jar at home that you toss change into each week, now’s a great time to cash it in. Even a smaller container with silver coins can have up to £50+ of extra money lying around. However, make sure to go to your bank to cash it in. Using another means can cost you up to 10 pence on every pound. 

Sell Older Books and Toys

Sites such as eBay are easy to use. If you have a collection of books or old toys still in the original wrapping, put them up for sale on eBay.

The holidays are a joyful time of year where families come together. Don’t let your budget prevent you from having fun. There are many ways to bring in some extra cash.

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